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    You are the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe

    I remember you were joking with me about that. I have 53,985 lifetime points.
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    How many Elite points are you sitting on?

    I think 10k is the the threshold to become an elite member. I've never had a cap on how many I can accumulate so far.
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    How many Elite points are you sitting on?

    10,000 of that is actually from winning a holiday contest a few years back. The rest is from stuff I bought.
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    How many Elite points are you sitting on?

    43,210 points. Saving just in case something really rare/expensive appears in the archive.
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    Holiday Wheel 2015 is live!

    Having it based on a dollar amount may be unfair. I just don't think buying Union Ironside Edition and something on the wire for $.99 should award the exact same number of spins.
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    Holiday Wheel 2015 is live!

    Maybe $.99 is too low. Maybe $5 per spin would be more realistic. Also, the wheel is not charity. It's a bonus for when you buy things. If you want to spend more, then you should get rewarded for it.
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    Holiday Wheel 2015 is live!

    Not true. Currently, people who can spend the most money already get more spins. If you make 1 spin equal to the cost of the least expensive product for example, then it doesn't matter how much you spend. If you buy 6 decks that total X dollars or if you buy 1 item that also totals to the...
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    Holiday Wheel 2015 is live!

    Has the T11 team ever considered awarding spins based on the dollar amount you spend? Currently, the most expensive item and the least expensive item award the same number of spins; one. If you want a lot of spins you have to buy a lot of something. In most cases it's decks that you may only...
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    Revolution by Gregory Wilson

    I bought it from T11 and mine came with 3 swirl gaff cards.
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    Deciding on Magic

    Ture. And sometimes kids on these forums mistake honesty for meanness. When people ask "OMG ummmm, like I got like 50 bucks, what trick should I buy!!!!!111one!1!" or "Sooo yeah, I have a talent show tomorrow... what tricks should I buy." (and there are hundreds of threads that start off like...
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    Deciding on Magic

    When performing "street magic" there is no real expectation of quality in the eyes of the spectator because in most cases they didn't wake up that morning expecting to see a performance. But, if people gather for a party or any event where there will be a performer (paid or not paid) then the...
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    Asking a favor for plotting a performance

    I just got hired at a hospital and I perform open heart surgery in two weeks. Anyone have any tips or suggestions on any DVD's where I can learn open heart surgery? (Would you want to be this doctor's patient? Would you hire any type of performer if you knew they accepted the gig without...
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    Idea for next SNC

    The next Saturday Night Contest should be a contest within a contest... The next Saturday Night Contest should be to guess how many people will continue to post responses to the current contest, after the host announces that it's over and posts the winner. (The host clearly states the...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Artisans!

    Black: 4C White: AH Black: 10D White: AC
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