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    New flourishes?

    Can anyone please recommend me some nice flourishes? I don't know what else to learn since all flourishes I liked, I learnt it already. I prefer flashy flourishes with great speed rather than comfyness or displays. If you know some interesting ones, please tell me! Thank you!
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    Liars in cardistry?

    What do you mean?
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    Liars in cardistry?

    Yes I know what you mean, but impressing people isn't even the first reason why I started cardistry. Honestly, when I first started cardistry, I thought people would make fun or laugh at me for practicing flourishes for hours and hours each day, plus you can't even use these flourishes to evenly...
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    Entire deck spin ???

    Was it Eliot Slevin's flourish (I forgot what it's called)? If yes, then you can find it on the cardistry con 2015 tutorial bundle.
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    Liars in cardistry?

    So I just wanted to tell you guys something and I would like to know what you think about it. ----------------------------------------------- So I've been doing cardistry for some time now, and sometimes I would perform to laymen in groups. Their reaction were usually really great and they...
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    Looking for a Magic Shop in Hong Kong

    I'm pretty sure there are quite a ton of magic shops if you went to their nightmarket. I went to a nightmarket in Taiwan and they sell a ton of magic tools, gimmicks, etc.
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    Cardistry or magic

    Well, you can actually do both if you'd like. But personally, I prefer to just master in one thing. Cardistry could be useful in magic, a fancy false cut gives the illusion of you cutting the deck, and it also shows the spectators how skilful you are with a deck of cards.
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    What is your favorite color change?

    Cardini change and Bertram change
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    Purchasing the Flicker shot/Flourish

    That's not a really nice way to learn the flourish. I have the Flicker Shot tutorial from The Virts, and Huron explains every thing you need to know about the flourish, and the tips to make it better too. Launching the card is pretty simple from watching the slow mo. But it won't help you to...
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    A few beginner questions

    Sorry for the late reply. For new decks, which are slippery and stiff, you might want to practice fans, spreads, aerials first. Aerial moves like hotshot, flicker shot works best it the cards are still stiff, because they use pressure for the cards to launch. For broken in decks, you might want...
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    One-Hand Multiple Cuts

    Trigger, retrigger, l cuts, kryptonite, 360 revolution, razor (bone ho).
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    How to keep motivated?

    Ok, I've been doing cardistry more than a year now and I lose interest it in. Back then, I used to practice around 4 hours a day in the weekdays and 6 or more hours at the weekends. Presently, I only practice 1 or 2 hours at night, but I don't really feel like picking up a deck of cards. I...
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    Looping, fun simple card flourishes/tricks

    Probably isolations will do, if you only want to use a single card.
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    Negative Feedback From People

    Don't just ignore them. Listen to what they say about your trick (if they aren't lying) and accept the fact that your trick is probably too obvious. Just take it as a feedback from what your friends think about the tricks, you sure don't wanna perform in front of a crowd and the realising that...
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    How to ruin a 100$ deck of cards

    Plot twist: there were no cards in the box xD And seriously Black Fontaines cost around $200 now? In my place they sell it at around $30.
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