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    Burt Wonderstone Winners!

    Congrats to all the winners! All were very fun to watch, especially Ryuji Chua! What a really cool and amazing video! But i also was reading the "official rules" and was wondering how second and third place (although very good videos!) qualified as they broke some of the rules such as time...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Capture the Cards

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    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 : the movie

    It all starts with Jonathan Bayme walking into a casino with $5000, a system to cheat at poker, and a way to make it big but in a small way at first. This system was devised by a few friends – Wayne Houchin and Aaron Fisher. (Scenes of them creating it, in the middle of a warehouse with a single...
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    Magician Chat

    So people start coming on at 8ish?
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    Luke Jermay - Buyer Beware

    I think Luke should come on here and reply to this thread and resolve this now. Personally, i don't think he would do it himself. If JB told him to do it and his stakes with T11 are on the line because of it, he would. This thread is over a week old, 13 pages, but Luke still cant get on here...
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    Saturday Night Contest - About the Launch Podcast

    1. Any details on the new Matieu Bich or DM project supposed to come out this year? 2. How long have you had the Sentinels in the T11 warehouse before releasing them to the public?
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    Luke Jermay - Buyer Beware

    I got off the phone with my friend and its good to see this is slowly getting resolved (JB posted saying he would forward this thread). Im hoping some good will come from this. Now Colorblind looks like a great product, and it comes from T11 and everyone worked hard on it, but please for my...
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    Luke Jermay - Buyer Beware

    If anyone at T11 is reading this, any chance you could get your own artist Luke Jermay to come on these boards and shed some light on these past...scams?
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    The Wire?

    Did any news get posted?
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    Colorblind - Luke Jermay

    And those thinking to purchase and support Luke, you may want to read this first.
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    Luke Jermay - Buyer Beware

    Well $1.99 from a lot of people can add up. Or if you look at my friend, maybe add some 0's...all in one shot! (and no decimal point!)
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    Luke Jermay - Buyer Beware

    You will get it for sure from T11, but do you really want to support someone who acts this way? I want to buy colorblind but will not do so until this gets resolved (if it does, which i hope!). And i hope by posting it here will help my friend get some answers and inform Theory 11 of who they...
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    Luke Jermay - Buyer Beware

    I just want to tell you a story about Luke Jermay and my friend, which is a really disappointing one. My friend was offered to take a week course with Luke Jermay in Las Vegas, and of corse jumped on the offer! He bought a ticket to Vegas and wired over the money to Luke. After that - his...
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    Well, Since Ellusionist got paypal (yay) Will Theory11 be getting paypal anytime soon aswell? I know only T11 would know, maybe chime in? Thanks
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    David Blaine - What is magic. New Special?

    What station is it on in Canada (or USA)?
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