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    Ring Magic

    Divorce by Justin Miller is similar to "Reflex" but has good things too. I also recommend you buying Circuit by Zach Heath. It takes a lot of practice but its worth it ! You can also check Peter McKinnon's DVD "Lock, Stock and Riot" it has many effects and one really good trick with ring.
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    Favorite non gimmick impromptu tricks?

    With cards : -Inflict evolved by Patrick Kun -Ambitious card routine -Collector (Patrick Kun's version) -Counterfeit by Wayne Houchin -Double exposure by Asi Wind With ring : -Reflex by Patrick Kun -Pantheon by Peter McKinnon -Divorce by Justin Miller -Circuit by Zach Heath
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    Should I Risk It?

    Thanks ! One more question. Do the cards have to be in the box or not ?
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    Should I Risk It?

    Could you please explain what is the exact procedure of this ? I have old cards that i want to pull out of grave :)
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    Welcome to the NEW theory11 Forums!

    Good job on the forum ! I really like the new style, but you must definitely work on the mobile version, because now it looks like desktop version. Or even better, make an app for the forum !
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    Saturday Night Contest - Optical Illusion

    Here is my entry ^^
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    Zach Mueller on The Daily Show?

    Thank you for the answer J.Bayme ! I was really waiting for this project, but life goes on, so as theory11 and Zach :)
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    Expecting a magician

    Yeah man I understand what you mean. But like i said, Im not telling my audience I am a mindreader and I like to mix mentalism with psychism and body control. These three, mixed in one, are really nice routine to perform. And I know it sounds really weird to involve a magic trick (french kiss)...
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    Overrated and Underrated decks.

    I hate when you guys start talking like that about your inside stuffs, but I love the feeling my stomach gets when reading it ! :D
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    Zach Mueller on The Daily Show?

    Yeah, I know that you guys are still friends and there is no problem at all, but when Zach left everyone was asking where is he, why he is gone and etc. and you guys posted a comment on one of your Expose videos THIS . And that's why I was still wondering.
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    Expecting a magician

    Christopher..... I LOVE YOU <3 :D . Man your script is just awesome and your acting before walking up to the mic.. man i just visualized it in my mind and it looked awesome ! You really helped me with the making of my own script and I will fit some of that to my mentalism and reading routine ...
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    How much to sell for?

    Ok, you must think not only for the price if its too high or too low, but also you have to think for marketing. I think for multiple effects its okay to put a price of 7 dollars. 7 dollars is perfect, because its not too high and a lot of people will buy it. If it is 10$ many people wont buy it...
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    Expecting a magician

    Ok, I have a question. First of all I want to say that a few months ago I started reading books and watching DVD's for mentalism. I really like it because its closest to real magic. I was obsessed with cards and I still am, but I decide when to perform card, coin and this type of magic, and when...
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    Zach Mueller on The Daily Show?

    So what exactly happened to Zach Mueller ? You guys commented on one of your videos on youtube that he is working on some project with you months ago, and still nothing.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Counterfeit Exposure

    Thank you for the mention ! I really had fun making this one. Also congrats to Justin Morris for the win. You deserved it man ! All of your exposure videos are hilarious :D . Have a great week everyone, and see you next time ! ;)
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