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    Vegas? Any good or dead?

    There is also a fun session group that gets together every other Tuesday at Arizona Charlies on Decatur at 10pm upstairs in the buffet...great group.
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    S.W Erdnase?

    After all those years, investigations and speculations...who would have thought it was her!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Election 2012 Prediction

    Romney: 281 Obama: 257
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    REF4M by Blake Vogt?

    If you have a small group, have each person initial a quadrant of the the when you tear it into fourths at the end...each person gets their initialed piece...Would make for a good picture with them all touching the pieces together as well, gets them to connect as a group.
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    Drawing Duplication

    "Back to the Drawing Boards" by Michael Weber is worth you consideration. He has it published in lecture note format. Plays big by involving four audience members each drawing their individual drawings.
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    Magic-Con 2010 : Who Is Going?

    Ill be there, driving in from Las Vegas Thursday morning.
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    Drawing Duplication

    All great suggestions. You may also want to consider Michael Weber's BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARDS. Great routine that's perhaps more suited to a stand up or stage conditions for a small or large group. The cool thing is that your back is to the (drawing) volunteers the entire time and you are...
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    Practicing Tricks

    I've struggled with the same thing...check out this excellent book by John Carney: MAGIC BY DESIGN - Study, Practice & Presentation. From the back cover: "We have always been told the secret to good magic is "practice, practice, practice." But how to get the most out of our practice? How to...
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    Vegas Shops?

    Boomers is fun, but it's hit or miss sometimes. It's on Sirius Ave. just South of Desert Inn. It's in a small industrial area. The get-togethers are on Wednesday nights at 10pm. Denny and Lee is great...Tom and Scott will set you up nicely. It too is slightly off the strip on the West side of...
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    Happy Birthday DAVID COPPERFIELD!

    Happy Birthday's to many, many more...and thank you for all the magical achievements & wishes in my life that have come true through your inspiration. Stuart Beck Las Vegas, NV
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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable Discussion with Homer Liwag

    Homer, I've always wanted to hear your thoughts on creativity and the creative process. Do you think that creativity can be learned or are people naturally more creative? Or, is being more creative a product of their environment? Although I'm sure it comes naturally to you now, what...
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    Going to Magic Live? Let us know...

    I'll be there. Set aside SuperFly #1 for me...
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    World's greatest magic trick?

    (David) Copperfield. Lotto. Game Over.
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    So I have a problem...

    you know, John Carney has some interesting thoughts on handing a deck opposite of what ones dominant writing hand is. I believe it's on his Carney on Palming DVD. John is right handed, but handles the deck as a lefty. I'd have to dig it out, but he has some valid philosophy how it can actually...
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    Trick That Fooled Houdini?

    Look on the Garret Thoma's DVD's...I think it's volume 1 or 2...check to make sure...but he performs it and his patter explains the story. He's great anyway, lot's of cool stuff on his DVD's...
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