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    A new card control

    This looks like a variation of an Oliver Macia's control taught in Atomik Revelation. Good job
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    I'm 15. Can I use a credit card?

    Get a Visa/AMEX gift card of 25, 50, 100 bucks and that will work fine.
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    Your first flourish?

    I learned the Sybil from the cuso and the alvy cut.
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    Chaser Video

    hmm ... wheres the video?
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    What do you think about S&M faces?

    The faces pay off for the DD on the back .... I think this deck looks really cool.
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    Smoke & Mirrors : A Cordial Invitation :: Friday, Aug. 1

    I think they look pretty good.
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    Smoke & Mirrors : A Cordial Invitation :: Friday, Aug. 1

    Ill get some more aladdins and US Rgs. PERIOD.
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    Smoke & Mirrors : A Cordial Invitation :: Friday, Aug. 1

    6 minutos =] ..... Español all the way
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    FOX News on Angel's Escape

    hahahahah, that sucks.
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    Jerry's Nuggets Pictures

    Its like if i were to print white centurions w/o permission from T11 or CK (hmm i dont know).
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    Starting XCM

    hahahahaha, Ill be waiting for that video too =]
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    What cards?

    why dont u get 2 packs of each to try em out and see which ones you like the most?
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    Starting XCM

    Get Brian Tudor Show Off 1 and 2 .... the teaching is not taht good but with patience and dedication you will get it ... after that go for trilogy system or motion.
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    Gamblers Cop // Performance Guide

    You cop a card with the ring finger and the base of your thumb. Why???? Because when you bring your hand down the card is completely invisible from the front.
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    I life here in San Diego, hahaha, i was more worried about my computer than myself. I was like pls dont fall.
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