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    Any magicians living in Phoenix AZ area?

    Hey there. I know this is an old thread but just wanted to drop my insta @Sxrpio. It is a public profile as is so I feel comfortable posting it here.
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    Can anyone recommend an NFC finger ring?

    Worm has his product Cyber out now. He doesn't use rings though. I haven't experimented with rings myself. I was waiting for NFC to become included in more phones natively.
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    Fake lock app

    If the "magic" is going to occur on YOUR phone, you could use the app Tasker. It takes some practice getting the hang of using Tasker but there are resources online. I came up with a similar trick using this app. It is possible to run a task where you create what is called a "scene" which...
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    Here is my first promo vid. Looking for feedback!

    Hey man, Thank you so much for the in-depth comment and support. Means a lot to me. Performing and putting a video out has been a goal of mine for a long time. It has been a bit difficult to network in the magic community as a newcomer...there needs to be more individuals like yourself. I...
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    Here is my first promo vid. Looking for feedback!
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    Magicians in AZ

    I was curious if there are any street magicians in AZ that would be down to meet up? I'm in Cali a lot too so LA would work as well. I'm trying to find guys that are down to go out and actually perform..
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