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  1. synesthesia15

    Saturday Night Contest - 52 + YOU - Photography Challenge

    You'd be surprised how sticky double stick tape is.
  2. synesthesia15

    Saturday Night Contest - DG.LIVE - Symphony Questions

    Where do you get your hats?
  3. synesthesia15

    Tweet-this Option?

    What is the point behind Twitter? I really don't see how it could be useful.
  4. synesthesia15

    The Wire

    That's lovely.
  5. synesthesia15

    Symphony Update?

    The magic industry really knows how to leave a good cliffhanger.
  6. synesthesia15

    Building Hand Strength

    HAY- OHH!!! (Sorry about the previous one. I just figured out how to quote people. I'm new. Don't judge me.)
  7. synesthesia15

    Building Hand Strength

  8. synesthesia15

    Where can I buy Jerry's Nuggets for under $30?

    The wonderful world of Craig's List.
  9. synesthesia15

    Reksider: Magic Touch Now Available

    The incredible music from David Stone's The Real Secrets of Magic DVD's is now available on Reksider's website.
  10. synesthesia15

    How often do you get nervous?

    Last year, I was performing at a school talent show. I was so nervous that my entire left arm fell asleep. I'm left handed. I had to do The Thing by Bill Abbott. But after everything went off without a hitch, I didn't get nervous anymore. So, I guess I only get nervous in when I start doing a...
  11. synesthesia15

    Saturday Night Contest - The Vintage Dating Game

    Deck A: 1875 Deck B: 1905 Deck C: 1887
  12. synesthesia15

    Need some feedback on my idea

    Wait, what? That was cool.
  13. synesthesia15

    Weird Things

    That made about as much sense as getting a money back guaruntee from a prostitute.
  14. synesthesia15

    Where would you be without magic?

    (I'm new to the forums, so I don't know if this has already been discussed.) I was thinking a few minutes ago about where I would be without magic or cardistry. And I have to tell you, it's not pretty. I can honestly say that magic is really my main source of socialization. It's how I...
  15. synesthesia15

    Does everyone know about this?

    Cheese and rice!!!
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