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  • Oh nice! I want to join the ring at Virginia Weslyan and also SAM146! (the one at the sherrif's office I believe?). I am a coin and card guy. I think "sleight-of-hand worker" covers it. Just starting some flourishing (not much) but that's one of my goals to work with. I love anything sleight-of-hand, regardless of genre and I try to do all types of magic when I perform. What about yourself??
    Funny you ask. I just found the IBM and SAM rings here last month. I really want to join and the IBM meets the first tuesday of each month (I think). Unfortunately, I was out of town for the last one and will be for the August meeting. Are you a part of any of the rings?
    No way!
    Thats awesome! Not too far from the beach. I don't think there are too many other VA magicians on here.
    well i bean in to magic at age 0f 6 but did it for fun. then at age 18 going in to a new home/ a flat. and got some £ and got lot of things with magic . the i did a magic stall form 200- 202 now i am back to help the new ones with in magic so the art is not lost. i love old magic so one the day i can come up with some thing new with magic that y right in the way i bec i do not like to be see at this i no some of the things i say are hard to read . but i no get what mean with in time then you no what art i am work on at this time . i like all magic i bean work on some thing out of killer koncerpts book. and some cut's
    what i mean is ask me some things about some magic or some things of the past i like to do .... ps i just got harry lorayne's apocalypse volumes 16- 20 it fab to read.
    Hey just stopping by nice improptu growing card. Let me know if you want my variations.
    Crap, sorry about the battle. Do you think we can do a rematch? You can use the same video.

    I wasn't ready and was too busy with work and school.
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