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    Red Mirror-Sculpture by Helder Guimaraes

    Received an answer. Edited to avoid Exposure.
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    Title of Effect

    Hey all, Just had a question regarding an effect that I've seen, but can't seem to find the name of. The effect is basically that the magician borrows a bill from the audience, the bill is signed, and then "accidentally" destroyed in a portable paper shredder. But the bill is revealed in one...
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    Saturday Night Roundtable - Ask Andrei Anything

    For Andrei: Cardistry has come a long way in the past year, it's spreading outside of the community more and more (like with your commercial). What do you think we can do to continue the spread of the art outside of the community even further? For JB: What do you love most about your job...
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    The Magic Apple

    Thanks for the great answers guys, went ahead and ordered :)
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    The Magic Apple

    Hey guys, I normally don't post threads like this but I needed a community opinion. The Magic Apple is selling Dan and Dave's recently sold out "Ace Fulton's Casino Deck". I was hoping to buy some of these so I'm glad another website is selling them; but I've never heard of The Magic...
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    A local performance

    Hey guys, This is a video of a performance I had at a community event a few months ago. I had a blast doing it and the crowd was great. Please enjoy! Credit to Justin Kredible for the inspiration as well as for the great effect- -Tarek Zawi
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    Title of effect

    Hey All, Just curious if anyone knows the title of this effect that Justin Kredible performs in this video. I've never seen it before but I think it looks great; not sure if it's a well known effect or one of his originals Either way, check it out...
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    Balloon Sword Swallowing - Geek Magic by Tomas Medina

    Hey all, I'm looking for someone who's familiar with the method for balloon sword swallowing to help me out- I learned the effect off of Tomas Medina's "Geek Magic" DVD and I'm having some issues with the method so I need someone whom I can private message some questions to. Thanks in...
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    Clutch by Oz Pearlman

    Hello all This thread is directed at owners of "Clutch" by Oz Pearlman. I was just wondering, is the trick hard to perform, or is the secret easy to figure out? It seems pretty full proof from the video, at least in my opinion. I was thinking about purchasing it, but I just hoping for some...
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    Haha thanks. That was nice of you. Much Appreciated- TZ

    Haha thanks. That was nice of you. Much Appreciated- TZ
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    Criss Angel Special

    As you all said, that was probably not the best escape done. And as Sinful stated, the announcer would not have been that calm if in fact the stunt was actually "dangerous". -T.Zawi
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    Criss Angel Special

    For those interested, and for those who don't already know, there is a special Live episode of "Criss Angel MindFreak" airing tonight entitled "Building Implosion Escape". It is set to premiere in 20 minutes at 9 PM central time as far as I am aware. Info can be found at...
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    Hey There. I don't generally post in the forums often, but I was looking for some help. It's been a while since I've had any new material to work with so I was just wondering if any of you could give some good trick recommendations? Any suggestions are welcome, although I am most...
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    Thread From Eye

    Hello All, I am aware of the method to preform the effect "Thread from Eye", but I was wondering for those of you that ever do this effect, how bad is the pain and is it worth it? Any other facts or tips would be appreciated. Thanks, TZ
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    Daniel Madison Change

    Also, Daniel has said they purposely edited it so that there was a change in the pitch of his voice right before the change happened. So even though he said it wasn't edited, he intentionally edited it to contradict that statement to further confuse viewers.
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