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  1. tally-ho

    Elite Prestidigitation's Introduction Thread

    Haha, those were the good ol' days.
  2. tally-ho

    Elite Prestidigitation's Introduction Thread

    Do to...butcher...the an elite manner?
  3. tally-ho

    Elite Prestidigitation's Introduction Thread

    holy f**k, learn how to limit your use of ellipses...
  4. tally-ho

    Center Deal

    I would assume by calling it the center deal, that he does, in fact, teach the center deal.
  5. tally-ho

    t11.bulletin - theory11 has a MASSIVE secret

    I've decided to join in. I'm at some timer now. good riddles too.
  6. tally-ho

    Happy birthday man!

    Happy birthday man!
  7. tally-ho

    Magic Talk Podcast Series

    I think podcasts are excellent. I'm interested to see how this turns out and would be glad to help in some way. One quick question though, is the podcast going to be just one person talking? or will it be a recorded discussion? Either way, it should be very neat.
  8. tally-ho

    Most likely the most deceptive false shuffle...EVER

    I did. well, not on purpose. From practice, I've come to notice groupings of cards along with rapid memorization. The videos are false. Also, try not to flash the bottom card of the other packet, as it really makes it obvious. not that it really matters though.
  9. tally-ho

    Gimmicks are WRONG?

    And that's all that really matters. Good for you. You want a f***ing cookie now?
  10. tally-ho

    Chicken Sandwich - Created by Alfie Whattam

    Actually, tilt is Marlo's. Vernon published his depth illusion, which is sometimes confused as tilt, prior to Marlo's manuscript. And even further before that there was another magician, who's name escapes me right now, who published a similar move. EDIT: if you want proof that it is not...
  11. tally-ho

    Killers DVD - Daniel Madison and Myles Nakouzi

    Don't get your hopes up. It's not an actual magic DVD. It's the two of them playing air guitar to the classic Iron Maiden album for an hour.
  12. tally-ho

    Thought of Card In Envelope Plot

    Yeah, it's a great effect. I was thinking of that, a pocket index, mercury fold or anything similar. EDIT: It's good that he's teaching that at his lectures, it deserves to be out there.
  13. tally-ho

    Benjamin Earl Type Material

    Ed Marlo. Enough said.
  14. tally-ho

    Thought of Card In Envelope Plot

    Tyler Wilson has a nice effect which can be used for a thought of card in envelope. I have no idea if he is selling it or not unfortunately.
  15. tally-ho

    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable with Homer Liwag

    1. When it comes to performing magic, what is your approach? and I don't mean, how do you approach someone. 2. Where do you see magic in the near future? better? worse? relatively the same? Taken over by evil robots? 3. What are you?!?! (sorry, just watched the rifftrax episode of terminator)
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