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    Feedback on New Effect?

    What do you think of my new impromptu card trick? IMPORTANT: I forgot to add it in the video, but you show that that part of your hand has nothing written on it immediately before rubbing the paper on it. Thanks guys!
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    The Red Envelope Contest : Day Eight - Winners List

    Argh! One away! W09755 Congrats to that lucky son-of-a-gun who got W 09756!
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    Drowning Pool = Danny G?

    This is extremely random, I know, but after watching this music video and pausing at 1:04 the singer looks a lot like Danny G to me.
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    Saturday Night Contest - DG's Creativity Challenge of Doom

    I have cards in my pocket right now... :P
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    Pressure Disclaimer?

    That's why I only do Electric Touch to people I know will not have a pacemaker. Small children. :D
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    Saturday Night Contest - You Can Feel The Pressure

    LOL the car one is some nice Photoshopping.
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    Saturday Night Contest - You Can Feel The Pressure

    Congrats Sciffydof!
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    A Deck Of Playing Cards...

    EDIT: Never mind.
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    Saturday Night Contest - You Can Feel The Pressure

    Here's mine:
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    Uncut Sheet of Guardians

    I'm curious to know, though: everyone who says that they wouldn't sell it for $350, a million, or what have you (yes, I said "what have you"...), would you BUY it for that amount? If not, you seem a little hypocritical.
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    SNC Roundtable Discussion : Jason England - The Center

    What are your favorite cards to use? How often do you use the center deal? Who is your favorite card worker/what effect and why?
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    Captured by Justin Miller

    Doug, you pretty much answered the question with that post.
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    Hypnosis Thread

    Probably the most fascinating and thought-provoking post so far. But I do like the kitty pictures, especially "I haz a money."
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