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  1. TerryAdy

    Twisted Artistry playing card review by Daniel Madison

    I spent a lot of time in the creation of this deck and to see it reviewed with such positive comments is a great pleasure. I simply wanted to share it with the forum!
  2. TerryAdy

    My Least Favorite Comment on Magic Videos

    Chances are they probably aren't bothered by the comments. If someone puts themselves out there as many of my friends in the magic world do, they go into it KNOWING that people will have negative comments and say this and that.... It's all part of the scene, unfortunately. But as any performer...
  3. TerryAdy

    My Least Favorite Comment on Magic Videos

    I find comments and actions irrelevant. When you take things personally you’re letting someone else control your art. Do your own thing, if someone posts about you or removes your stuff, then simply brush it off. Opinions don’t matter, only you and your progression matters.
  4. TerryAdy

    Saturday Night Contest - Make A Trailer!

    Just curious if my trailer was even looked at. Congrats man.
  5. TerryAdy

    Saturday Night Contest - Make A Trailer!

    Black Noc Trailer Enjoy TA
  6. TerryAdy

    Magic Mats?

    Hey man, Feel free to email me at for any inquiries! I'll be glad to discuss any custom work with you!
  7. TerryAdy

    Saturday Night Contest - Seeing Green

    Shot caught as the deck plummeted into the dewy grass below. Now I've got a green gator #poopdeck
  8. TerryAdy

    52 vs 9ofC

    As the 2 of diamonds in the52, I can say they are completely different entities. The52, itself was headed In a seperate direction, kind of one of disconnection. The Madisonist/9c "club" as you call it.. I was incited to the sleight club membership this past year and the information and...
  9. TerryAdy

    Saturday Night Contest - Captured In Landscape

    Lmao New photos and originality is frowned upon. Get use to it I suppose Always do what you do for the art.. Forget the "prizes". They're a joke man.
  10. TerryAdy

    Saturday Night Contest - Captured In Landscape

    Contraband In hiding. (It's natural habitat)
  11. TerryAdy

    Saturday Night Contest - Create A Trick!

    Double triumph routine, using a control I created and will be releasing in the near future. Hopefully via the marketplace. Enjoy
  12. TerryAdy

    Saturday Night Contest - Which Hand?

    Right Left Right Left Right Left Left
  13. TerryAdy

    Double backer

    Check out Peter McKinnons videos on YouTube. Arthur is a nice little routine.
  14. TerryAdy

    Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Cards!

    Card 1: 10 of hearts Card 2: 3 of clubs Card 1: Jack of clubs Card 2: 9 of diamonds
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