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    Saturday Night Roundtable - Steve Cohen Decoded

    What's your most memorable moment at one of your shows at Waldorf Astoria???
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    Saturday Night Contest - Lucky Guess

    jack of clubs 4 of spades 7 of diamonds good luck to everyone
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    Arrcos, Red JAQK , Sentinels problem?

    I've had the same problem with a couple deck, so I just left them in their box for a couple days in a cooler environment and they were fine, sorry if this didn't help
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Magic Olympics I don't expect to win, but I was looking for some feedback on the trick please reply
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Cardistry Olympics

    Man, I hope you place. It was very smooth and the music reminded me of the Olympics nice job :)
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    Annoying Spectators, Help???

    Yes, If I ever perform to friends I'll be sure to use your advice, most of them know I've been into magic for a while now so if I ask for feedback i'm sure they'll respect my boundaries, so I thank all of you I'll be working on the routine as you read this!
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    Annoying Spectators, Help???

    Yes, I can see your point of view
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    Annoying Spectators, Help???

    Thanks for all your advice, it was a friend not a random spectator. I'll practice the trick more to make sure this doesn't happen again, and when I performed this It wasn't part of a routine so I could transition to another trick, I thought it was a stand alone effect but I'll create a routine...
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    Annoying Spectators, Help???

    I was performing a linking metal rings trick and when i had my big kicker ending the spectator immediately wanted to know how the trick was done and continued to try and take the rings out of my hand (the rings are gimmicked and cannot be inspected) so after numerous attempts they managed to...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Trick Shot Challenge

    Daang man, i think you should win!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Trick Shot Challenge

    nice job I loved the jerry's nuggets at the very end next to the white monarchs
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    Saturday Night Contest - Trick Shot Challenge I just wanted to have some fun, I don't expect to win!!! ENJOY!!!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Read My Mind

    Secrets- Page 13 Smoothness- Page 21 Break- Page 30
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    Saturday Night Contest - White Monarch Turnover

    Reply Jack and Queen from Regular Monarchs the rest from White Monarchs
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