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    Review: Mono Xero Playing Cards (Luke Wadey)

    Love my Mono-X Decks! Cannot put them down. As a primarily USPCC fan, I do also embrace, and VERY MUCH look forward to getting to experience the beauty and color and alt cardstock E07/Slimline? (Not sure if they’re the same?) I’ve got some Zebra King Slayers, as well as Gold Knights v2, &...
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    T11 Deck Factsheets. What Do You Want to See?

    You are a Saint. Thank You, VERY MUCH, for the responses, Lyle. Annnnnd, again, no disrespect intended, in my inappropriately worded “phrase” used in describing the “Blue Tycoons” that I, more than likely, ruined somehow, all by myself.... This is a Ultra Super Wonderful Thread, & I...
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    T11 Deck Factsheets. What Do You Want to See?

    I just picked up (Magically) an “Ellen Deck”. Am I special, Lyle? Also, quite interested in info on those 4 Versions of the SteamPunk Decks. Oh. By any chance, are the “Blue Tycoons” a “Garbage Edition”? Or did I just get an unlucky deck....? No offense to anyone, regarding ANYTHING...
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    Nationals are “LUXURY” playing cards, but every other deck is just “PREMIUM”....?

    Well, goodness gracious! Thank you, kindly, for such an informative and detailed answer, to each and EVERY individual query that I proposed. I appreciate the timely mannered fashioned multiple responses. I just now, also noticed that the “Citizens” Decks, happen to say BOTH “Luxury”, as...
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    Nationals are “LUXURY” playing cards, but every other deck is just “PREMIUM”....?

    Also, what is the reasoning behind the “Nationals” being considered “Luxury”, are they actually different and/or better than the “Premium” decks....? Also, on a sidenote, my “Blue Monarchs”, bought from Target, do not contain the “Theory 11 SKU” or the “Las Vagas, NV Printing” on the bottom of...
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    David Blaine Skull & Bones Private Reserve

    Help. Again....? Is the marking system just available on the VIP Decks? Or, BOTH versions of these decks? I know it’s the circles and clocks and jokers and whatnot. But, what am I missing!? I don’t have a VIP Deck. For the record. Please?
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