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    Back from the Grave

    So, I'm not dead, that's always nice. For those who remember me, I was fairly active on these forums for a while. Sadly, health issues came up and I haven't been practicing my magic as much as I probably should. Luckily, I'm feeling a lot better now, and classes have ended, so I'm back. So...
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    Which is better?

    There is no best. It all depends on what you want to do. I recommend that you just do whatever comes naturally to you when you perform. /x
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    Best Marketplace tricks/flourishes?

    Now, I haven't bought as much as I'd like on the wire, so I only know a small part of what's there. May I recommend some of Michael O'Brien's effects? I won some free tricks of his a while back, so I may be slightly biased, but I really do like what he has. /x
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    What do you think?

    Nice. Is not exactly my kind of thing but I like the idea. /x
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    Saturday Night Contest - Resolutions For 2017

    Congratulations my good man. I think we all learned a lot this last year, and I hope we learn much more this year. /x
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    Must Have Utility Device/Gimmicks?

    I must agree with most, The Code is great. I also own an ITR, which I've brought with me almost every day. /x
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    Saturday Night Contest - Resolutions For 2017

    Despite all the craziness of life, 2016 will remain in my heart as the year of magic. This is the year that I started taking magic seriously. This is the year I started performing on the street. This is the year I spent way too much money buying decks of cards. Every time I failed, I learned...
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    Holiday Wheel

    I'm just hoping for the instant collection because I really want to collect more decks. Happy Holidays!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Spin The Wheel!

    I really enjoy these Saturday contests, even if I don't always partake in them. 1. No Reward 2. 100 points 3. 50 points
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    Holiday Wheel

    I see why this gets lots of attention, this is really interesting.
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    Holiday Wheel

    I should have waited until now to get my NPH cards. I digress, but so far it's really cool. I really want the instant deck collection more than anything else.
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    Holiday Wheel

    Is the Holiday Wheel up yet? I'm kind of confused with what's going on, and my "Cerca Trova"-ing hasn't helped much yet.
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    Top 10 handling decks

    Also, if you are willing to go with something besides the USPCC, may I recommend things from other printers? Legend's Draconians, Mirages, and Serpentines, or Expert's NOC line of decks are pretty good handling, and nice on the eyes.
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    Neil Patrick Harris.

    I really enjoy these myself, and I like the kind of coppery color of the backs. I still don't get the secrets though.
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    Saturday Night Contest - CHAOS

    Good luck!
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