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  • *whispers* Operation get the people on their feet with promising to give out The Tumble was a success. You will be receiving your deck of Jerry's in T-10 seconds....
    Since you don't need or use 'The Trilogy', mind sending it over to me :D
    Tumble mumble, nice to see that you visit this forsaken place sometimes :). Plus i hate you for having gigs, slow times as hell for me. I think that my grandma has even more gigs than me.
    Anyways, nice to see you lurkin around.
    Well, it was just some joke, till I found a way to actually make the first part of it happen. I've been working on it, trying to make it more of a practical effect. I'm still working on it, but i'm working on parts of the PDF too so I don't fall behind.

    Well hell, you must be doing something right if people keep hiring you. But isn't that what always happens? The second you try and take a break, business won't slow down, haha.
    I know. What the hell happened? I use to be on all the time, we all did. It's like the 5 Musketeers left the country side.

    Well besides going through some very healthy changes, i've been working on Socka Trova. I actually started work on the PDF recently.

    How about you? What've you been up too?
    Haha :), I thought it already dissolved! I havent heard form Bawi in a while, Cardclip randomly appears on the forums and well, you and mini magician still are a constant in the forums....
    Hey, thanks man, and im not stressing over it, ive just been working on some other designs in my abscense.
    Haha Yup ASAP i might be going to taylors on friday or sat to MAYBE even get something haha and ask him bout the convention and such
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