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    1. The Tumbleweed
      The Tumbleweed
      Hey Frank, that sounds awesome! Not sure if I could do it, being a purist and all. But it sounds like a really good effect. Try it out and see how the reactions are, after all, it's the spectators who decide how good a trick is.
      Josh T.
    2. OwnerM
      Hey, it's Owner.

      I made up a trick, but I thought I'd tell you before I tell anyone else.

      The effect is this: I tell people that random chance is not as random as people might think. I have a spectator choose a card. The card is put aside and not looked at by anyone.

      The magician finds the four aces and places them on the table. The spectator picks aces until there is one left. This will determine the suit of the card picked.

      The magician then finds any cards in the deck from ace to nine, mixes them, deals four on the table, hands one to the spectator, then deals the other four. All cards are face down. The spectator then places the card just handed to her or him on one face down pile. The other piles are put away.

      The cards are turned over and the values are added together. They add up to some impossible card number, for example, fifteen.

      The magician acts nervous, and hems and haws a bit but turns over the put aside card anyway.

      That card ends up being the value and suit predicted, complete with the orginal number crossed out, the impossible value written in and the proper number of pips added!

      I'm sure you can figure it out yourself, but I was just wondering if you think this would be a good effect. I'l get into more details if you're interested.


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