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Feb 5, 2008
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The Tumbleweed

from Blue Mountains, NSW

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Jan 2, 2014
    1. TheBlack&WhiteIllusionist
      It's not the only one i've did either. I've got one of me playing poker with myself, the hands were two royal flushes, aces and hearts, haha. Pic editing isn't really that hard with a little bit of time behind it. But, in the same way, I suck at video editing :p.

      I hope you're ready man. This could take a little back and forth convincing, lol.
    2. TheBlack&WhiteIllusionist
      ... *eyes fall out* I... I don't know. I think that, logically speaking, would be the most... "awesomenessest" thing ever. Maybe he'd go for it, lol. We should all leave visitor messages on his page backing each other up.

      (About the pic comment)

      Thanks. I've had the basic pic with four of me in it for a while. I did the special editing for the album of course. It took me a few hours to originally edit it, and a little bit long to actually get the shots right. It took four solid pics, and they were all off my camera phone, lol.
    3. TheBlack&WhiteIllusionist
      Glad you like the pic man.
    4. CaseyC
      lol i know. I'm going to go check your posts soon to see if you responded. lol
    5. CaseyC
      Pretty sweet huh?

      Dont you love how we're having upside down conversation through our sigs. lol
    6. CaseyC
      Hey BAWI finished the team awesome pics. Check 'em out.
    7. Twozwozer
      Master Tumbleweed, which "Tom" were you referring to the other day in the magic names post? :P It better be who I think it is. Don't make me come and squish you!
    8. Jv
      That's awsome
      I love mentalism myself
      I picked up Emotional Intelligence by Luke Jermay
      and Paralies by Joshua Quinn
      Great material
      I'm hoping to perform a mentalism act myself also
    9. Jv
      -That's cool
      -I do a little of everything, cards, coins/money, mentalism.
      -I'm working on putting together a stage and close-up act.
    10. Jv
      -Grea upside-down
      -I believe I was the first to have my signature upside-down and many others followed
      -Anyways, how have things been and are you working on anything new?
      -Also, what type of magic do you perform, just trying to know the members on here more.
    11. mini magician
      mini magician
      Yer during the jam he and i showed it to Danny =) then to each other his is AMAZINGLY SMOOTH!
    12. mini magician
      mini magician
      I'm not sure i guess he reads the forums every now and again and didn't know you where THE Tumbleweed cause you post a fair bit thats probs why hehe.
    13. tally-ho
      Snc thread. It's over now.
    14. tally-ho
      lets roll.
    15. CaseyC
      Haha yeah give it a couple years....

    16. CaseyC
      Dude that SNC was totally not fair at all. I mean, you were like a couple minutes late and you missed your chance. I was right here when it was posted, researched it, found the stuff and then posted it to realize that 2 other people had gotten it before me. *sigh*

      [END RANT]
    17. CaseyC
      Lol that'd be hilarious!
    18. CaseyC
      haha you can be the judge lol
    19. CaseyC
      lol yes he can......I think
    20. CaseyC
      Haha yeah. I thought it was pretty funny.
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