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  • I run back to the concrete building that has "eriweht" on it and its emptied out. Only one thing remains in it, a note it reads: "Take everything to the headquarters in LV. We are being followed, from now on never say TW out loud, the fanboys will catch it from 100 miles. Move now!!!"

    I run to the car and start driving to LV...
    *sits on a bench in a park with a sign, doing magic tricks for 5dollars, want to see David Blane tricks get them here!!! Criss Angel too!!!*
    Damn people, wont give me a lousy 5 dollars...
    *sees a car with a license plate number *thump* , follows it and it pulls into a biiig concrete place that has the "eriweht"on it. Sneaks past the guards and steps hides in the trunk of the thump car*
    *Noise sounds, a shipment has been put on the back seats, the car starts rolling*
    Six days into his escape i have escaped the jacket and found a way to the doctor just as he is packing his bags to head out of town. With my super duper mentalism powers is kill him with my ultra clean center tear with a body. I then go to search his bags and find the letter, i hear a thump and grab the money and the doctors name tag. I manage to get to the open air and buy a deck of fake Arcanes and a used deck of S&M's. As i open the pack of Arcanes i see that the whole deck has *thump* written on them, i start running...
    Goes to see the doctor...
    "Doctor im having these thumping noises in my head again"
    Doctor glares at me, the next thing i know im in a white soft room trying to do a straight jacket escape.
    Wait, Socka Trova actually exists?? I thought it was just some joke. Myself? Well technically I was planning on having a break from magic. But that's just impossible when people keep hiring me. I'm never hated getting paid more. But yeah, I haven't been on much.
    Dude, what happened? You're never on!! No one from Team Awesome is anymore :p Including me.... Well anyway, wazzup?
    Haha I wonder what would happen if Copperfield and Angel ever came face to face...
    Haha believe me, I was just as shocked when I heard that was the first available spot. I was crossing my fingers I'd at least be in a spot where I didn't need to use binoculars to see him appear on a motorcycle.

    Haha yeah ......or lack there of. I'll probably see him getting wasted at the nearby dance club.

    Very cool.

    So soon I can't even believe it. Flying down Saturday the 12th OF SEPTEMBER at around noonish. The show is that night at 7:30 at the MGM Grand. We're gonna be seated at a table about 3 rows back from dead center stage. Amazing seats, and they were first ones available. Then all Sunday and night is for free time and exploring. Ironically, the best deal we found on the strip is at the Luxor. I remember joking about staying "in the giant pyramid with the super bright light beam" when I was just thinking about this idea. I can't believe I'm staying there.
    Dude I just finished planning a trip to Vegas where I'm gonna see Copperfield. So freaking pumped.
    Yeah. Lennart uses that palm frequently and very well. His snap deal looks incredible.

    Haha yeah I still do that. I realized I couldn't really backpalm a credit card too well so I resorted to tenkai lol. Ya lol, it's a fun thing to use. I was at this show somewhere and one of my friends was sitting over on the other side of the balcony (we could still see each other) and I backpalmed a business card. His expression was hilarious from across the room.

    Ha yep. I made it a link. So click it. I felt the need to further document that post somehow. haha
    If it fit in my signature I would have put the text in directly. All will make sense when you check out my sig.
    One word:
    Yeah. The classic stuff is mostly what I use on default but I've experimented with other palms. Lateral palms are awesome. A lot of people don't like them because of the angles but they're not too bad.
    There was a phase where I backpalmed everything like crazy but I rarely use it now. haha
    Yeah I love that feeling. I've been tweaking my classic palm lately and it looks a lot better. I'm also pretty familiar with palming in my non-dominant hand now because of working on the DPS. I've done a lot of stuff with Tenkai so I'm fairly comfortable with using it, regardless of the angles. And when all else fails, I use a good 'ol cop.

    How about yourself?
    Yeah I definitely didn't. I think they said 70+ moves. Thats ridiculous.

    Yeah it was pretty cool.
    Palming is awesome. I'm just starting to get comfortable with different palms.
    Haha. It's sounds like a pretty epic project.

    Oops I missed it. That's great it was inspired by your pic man. That was freaking hilarious. Kinda left you at a disadvantage though if you know what I mean.
    Yeah same here. Doesn't seem like the practicality of the gimmick out ways the effect.

    Looks pretty insane. Lots of stuff. what do you think?
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