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    1. CaseyC
      Well what perfect timing to get the book. Wish you the best of luck on the effect. Sandwich effects are a lot of fun.

      Yeah Id think that'd be the best way to present it. Not only does the writing appear on the card but you then start taking ink off it with your thumb... that's just insane in the eyes of a spectator.
      Yeah I mean I know I'm probably not going to purchase this myself. It's so difficult to market this stuff to magicians because of how we look at things. But this little $5 download is like a miracle to a lay person.
    2. CaseyC
      Yeah that's exactly it. There are little things you can pick up from it consciously or unconsciously. lol

      Yeah I'm pretty sure the card can be signed. You could easily modify the handling to show the card with a clean back then have then sign it (by use of just a double lift). That would further strengthen the effect because they'd see the back of their card as clean.
      Yeah I also noticed that. A small detail that can be easily changed. I'm sure Luke has his reasons for having it oriented normally and I can kind of see why.
      Although this effect is simple, I think it has a lot of potential that a lot of people are looking over.
    3. CaseyC
      Haha same here. lol

      Yeah, I mean to be quite honest, I didn't find many of the t&r ideas too helpful. I took away the basic concepts but there were only a few times when I REALLY enjoyed the finished effect as it was. The journals are what really made it worth the money. If the journals were not in the PDF, I wouldn't recommend it as strongly.

      I love the thinking behind it. It's a very cool, comical concept. You?
    4. CaseyC
      Haha nice. I think I've seen that pic before. So awesome.

      Yeah I really enjoyed the journal entries in the first vol. There were more than I thought there would be and one in particular helped me understand exactly what underground magic actually is. Good stuff.
    5. CaseyC
      Yeah it was incredibly realistic. And the fact that you're in New York probably made it all the more freaky for you. haha

      Haha good times.

      Alright. I'll see when I can write something up.

      Well that's good to hear. I was pretty happy with the first volume. What's on page 5? lol
    6. CaseyC
      Yeah it was definitely not what I expected. Very creative how they filmed it and stuff.

      Haha it was fun while it lasted. I think I pissed a lot of people off lol

      It's all I can really come up with. I don't have time now to type something up but I will try to sometime later.
    7. CaseyC
      Dude! I finally worked something out for the haunted q's/k's thing (at exactly 12:34 am). I think you'll like it. All the kings are stuck back into the deck in random places in search of the queens and then each pair (suit) are visually produced. Each pair of queens and kings are produced in 4 different ways (one for each suit).
      I might have some difficulty explaining it through a Pm or something though so I may have to show you through cam or something.
    8. GusEds
      Huh, to me it seems more appropriate that you started bleeding from your eyes ( A lá B Smith).

      Sweet Jesus, that would be a whole another level of creepy.

    9. CaseyC
      Oh ok I get what you're saying (I think). I'm trying to think of what the best way would be to reveal it.

      That sounds totally up your alley man. Very intense. Reminds me of a voodoo effect of sorts.

      btw I saw Cloverfield last night. WOAH

      and i got you good on the chat. I was playing the part of Lamont. lol
    10. tally-ho
      same. have you seen the newest spam thread?
    11. tally-ho
      forget it. it was rd and cc playing a prank. a convincing one at that.
    12. tally-ho
    13. GusEds
      It's just...


      Props. Could very well work out for a bad guy in Criminal Minds!

    14. CaseyC
      Oh good point. It's kind of hard to visualize the collectors thing because I don't know the effect too well, or exactly how it's done. lol
      I'll try to work something out, don't know if I can...but I'll try. haha
    15. CaseyC
      Way to show 'em. lol. That's probably the number one complaint about their magic. The patter. This is proof that it can be done.

      Hmm that is tricky. It's also a problem that the Queens are not left in a 'workable' position. If I'm not mistaken they end up (from top down) face down, face up, face down, face up. I'll try to think of something that might work. For now, good luck. This challenge has me stumped. lol
    16. GusEds
      If you tried performing for me I pretty much think i'd kick you in the nuts, Mace'd your face and then run. And scream.

      Your new avatar is scary as f-

    17. CaseyC
      Dude that's awesome. I can imagine The Queens going perfectly to that patter. Great way to justify something that is not easily justified (if that made any sense lol).
      What does the "Return Of The Kings" thing look like? Sounds epic.
    18. tally-ho
      They usually just appear. It's great. I'm hoping it doesn't get deleted.
    19. tally-ho
      dude, check out the thread by lovingmagic. And do it fast!!!
    20. CaseyC
      lmao. That's probably true. lol

      Awesome plot. The great thing is that it makes sense (as far as making K's and Q's jump around does).
      "99 Red Balloons plays in the backround"
      nice thinking
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