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Apr 10, 2014
    1. James Smith
      James Smith
      You're new avatar is awesome.
    2. CaseyC
      Oops Totally missed your comment before the one about the avatar. lol

      Seriously. You could make a pretty horrifying movie with all the stuff he's done. Did I mention him walking through the Great Wall Of China? That's some freaky sh!t.

      Yeah it's sort of like an Idea Well. The Queens and the Kings thing sounds pretty cool.
    3. CaseyC
      Haha I'm sure it does.
    4. CaseyC
      Sweet just checked it out. Love the bloody tears. Pretty epic.
    5. CaseyC
      Haha yeah. It's not set in stone but Im pretty sure it's gonna happen. Can't wait.

      Oh I know it's unreal...expect it is. lol

      Haha. Maybe not in person. He might slice you in half with a laser. :eek:

      btw I started a little "ideas" journal where I'm just writing down some of my ideas and stuff. I think it'll be quite helpful. I've forgotten a few good ones because I didn't write 'em down. Should be good for brainstorming and stuff too.

      oh and sick avatar.
    6. CaseyC
      Haha same here. I can't even imagine the amount of work (and money lol) that went into just that one illusion. Incredible. I might get to see him sometime this fall. So stoked.

      Yeah the coin vanish is unbelieveable. And the retention he keeps in the spellbound is amazing.

      btw if you haven't seen his laser illusion yet....well. Watch it. lol
    7. CaseyC
      Haha yeah. I was just watching his Portal illusion. Now that is one HELL of an illusion. Holy crap.
      Did you see the coin stuff? That guy's amazing.
    8. CaseyC
      Haha exactly. Pretty absurd thinking.

      btw see if you can find the hidden links in my signature. I added some more.
    9. CaseyC
      Haha I know. I read his response and was like "what?". Huge misunderstanding of what he thought I meant.
      'Wait a minute, your saying people die? I didn't know that!'
    10. CaseyC
      geez the Billy Mays thread has exploded. I was simply paying respect to the frequency of well known people that are passing. Nothing more. lol
    11. CaseyC
      Yeah it looks pretty darn clean. It seems to be a 'principle' too. Could be used in other effects and stuff. That's cool.
    12. CaseyC
      Yeah he's a very creative guy. I'm getting pretty interested in this Digital Conviction thing. Looks awesome.
    13. CaseyC
      Yeah. Especially those guys. Very knowledgeable.

      Same here. Don't know what to expect but it should be nothing less than awesome.
    14. CaseyC
      Yeah his teaching is incredible. Definitely a big selling point.

      Yep. Just saw that. Looking forward to it. Should be cool.
    15. CaseyC
      Yeah, sounds good.

      Oh yeah, definitely. Big savings and I only own the DPS 1-on-1 that I got for free. I'm definitely considering it.
    16. CaseyC
      That's good to hear. It seemed like it was getting some great recommendations from people. I'm happy about the live performances too. Definitely on the wishlist!
    17. CaseyC
      Yeah it gives you a lot more options.
      Oh awesome. I've been considering getting that DVD for awhile. Seems like it'd be worth while to get a good cull down because it's such a versatile move. What did you think about the DVD?
    18. CaseyC
      Yeah, I guess the visual aspects make up for it. lol

      btw, I was talking to my G-Pa on the phone the other day and he told me a way to set up for Out Of This World while performing a Sloppy Shuffle Triumph routine. I've tweaked some things and it's great. I'm going to be using Ootw more because it's now impromptu. The only requirement is that you have to perform the Triumph beforehand.
    19. CaseyC
      Yeah he has some cool stuff. It looks really good when the clip is performed right but I assume it's pretty angly.

      That's gonna be awesome. Can't wait to see how it all turns out.
    20. CaseyC
      Well yeah. But the part when the card changes/vanishes is pretty visual. Oh, I gotta check those out.

      Haha yeah, lol.

      Yep. They gave a little preview for that in the end of the first volume. It wasn't really a preview I just said: "Sandwhich Effect Vol.2" . lol
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