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    1. CaseyC
      Yeah same here. Focus would be cool. Cool change. I still have no ideas. lol

      When I first started working on DG's Torn, it was painful to even crease the jokers. lol
      Now I don't really care anymore because the cards I rip are beyond usable. And i was recently given a bunch of crappy decks I don't use. They were added to the pile. lol

      Yeah it's a good thing to get the ideas flowing.
    2. CaseyC
      Haha. That's great.

      Thanks. Good luck to you too. We'll probably eventually come up with something. I just want to do something that not everyone is doing ya know?

      Yeah. Well I have "Dead Deck" which is basically an over sized deck of old, ancient, sandpaper, crap pasteboards from different decks that have been FAR overused. I just rip em up instead of tossing them in the trash. That is, I "restore" the card and then toss it. lol

      It's really good. Some of the ideas I didn't find very practical but I took away a lot of the basic concepts (the good stuff). There are a ton of effects and a variety of journals on underground magic and theory as well as Madison himself. Felt like I got a lot for my money. Good buy.
    3. CaseyC
      Haha yeah it does.

      Yep that's the one. Damn dude. Feels like I saw that years ago......oh wait, I did. lol

      Hmm not sure. Really gotta think of something. I have no idea. lol

      Just picked up Deceptions vol. 1 (Madison) last night. It's got a bunch of T&R ideas in it. Good stuff.
    4. CaseyC
      Yeah I have loads of questions too. I think everyone does who watches the show. lol

      Same here. I was cringing before it blew up. Totally knew it was coming. But I love Hurley's comment after the flesh falls on everyone. lol

      Oh yeah. Almost forgot about that. That was insane.

      Hmm just checked it out. Sounds interesting. Might join.
    5. CaseyC
      Haha that'd be awesome.

      Oh damn. That'll be worth the wait then. lol

      Yeah it was definitely a "GASP!" moment for me. Although, I kind of saw it coming. It was one of my theories that it wasn't actually Locke. Then when he said "I found a loophole" it instantly clicked that it was the other guy in the beginning with Jacob. I think people are calling him Esau or something.
      Biggest shocker? I'd have to say it was when that guy was explaining the dangers of dynamite and then BOOM!
      I was laughed so hard when I saw that. Felt kinda bad for the poor
    6. CaseyC
      Haha I could totally see that in a commercial. And at the end, "Pepsi: The Groovy Drink" lol

      Yeah you should. I've seen it twice actually haha. Everyone i was with wanted to see it and I didn't argue seeing it again. It's that good. From the "Bad Robot" thing in the beginning to the time travel-ish LOST-ish feel to it, you can kind of tell it had to be written by some of the LOST guys. If you can, try to see it on the biggest movie screen you can. lol. The visual stuff is just insane.

      Dude, nice. lol
      I know really. I was floored with the Locke twist at the end. Then they ended it with the negative image 'LOST' banner at the end. :eek:
    7. CaseyC
      Lol yeah. It's pretty insane. I can't imagine what people would do if he walked down the street doing that.

      btw have you see Star Trek (the movie)? It's pretty damn epic and it's produced and/or directed by J.J Abrams and Damon Lindalof. Two of the Lost geniuses. lol
    8. CaseyC
    9. CaseyC
      Damn you're good.
    10. CaseyC

      (I'm cracking up right now)
    11. CaseyC
      *Eyes widen to size of baseballs*

      I probably shouldn't eat that. I don't think Delta Dental covers that kinda thing...
    12. CaseyC
      I think you deserve the thank you on this one. To show my gratitude, I am proud to present you with a GIANT FORTUNE COOKIE
    13. CaseyC
      Thank you man, just thank you.
    14. CaseyC
      Haha. I gotta remember that one. It's too good to not tell everyone. lol
    15. CaseyC
      Omfg. I just laughed out loud and probably woke some people up in the house.
      Ahh damn that's good.
    16. CaseyC
      LOL. Good to hear. Here's another:

      "Did you hear about the constipated mathematician? ..he worked his problem out with a pencil..."
    17. CaseyC
      You didn't hear the joke about the pencil?


      It's pointless.
    18. CaseyC
      Haha. Reminds me of that old pencil joke. lol
    19. CaseyC
      Haha great point.
    20. CaseyC
      Lol. Were you just watching that or something?
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