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    Emc 2012?

    Yes there is going to be an Essential Magic Conference, according to the email that all EMCers got about the DVDs are out. The Dates will be later than this years. more like late july. i don't exactly remember the rest
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    Saturday Night Contest - On the Edge

    This is my entry: Ruler, Golfball, and 4 quarters =
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Power of Probability

    1. Tails 2. Heads 3. Heads 4. Tails 5. Tails 6. Tails
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    Cheap Playing Cards in Bulk

    Hi there the members of theory11, i have a matter i would love to talk about. I'm thinking of buying playing cards in bulk such as bees, bikes, avitators, tallyhos, ect. Now i was wondering what was the cheapest place to buy them? Thank You.
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    Saturday Night - Roundtable with Michael Herp

    Hey Micheal, MY name is Zachary and i have a few questions for you: 1. Why did you do it. 2. Who helped you? 3. I'm compeltely joking on this. here are real question: 1. what was your inspiration for using cardisty. 2. when was the first time you say cardisty? 3. can i...
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    Nail Clippers by Dan and Dave?

    It would be like asking why do they carry powerballs and hand excerises
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    Saturday Night Contest - Match 'Em Up!

    1 - Mike Hankins 2 - Blake Vogt 3 - Chris Mayhew 4 - Dan White 5 - Eric Ross 6 - Andrei Jikh 7 - B. Smith 8 - Alex Geiser 9 - Calen Morelli
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    Theory11 Insider?

    why not just announce it on this forum. i love that idea.
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    What would you consider as "creepy" magic?

    Here's what my answer is. Anything with spiders and blood.
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    Big Ass Box of Magic Question...

    Okay After a month of waiting for the big ass box of magic i finally opened it. Here's what was included: Sankey's Best Coin Magic - $25.00 Sankey's Best Mentalism - $25.00 Sankey's Best Street Magic - $25.00 Amazing Magic & Mentalism Anyone Can Do Vol. 1 - $15.00 Amazing Magic &...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Truly Organic

    This is my entry. What could be more organic and naturelike than rocks, oranges, backyards, and summer in north california. Link:
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    I'm Back from Vegas!

    Wow that trip sounds amazing. I went to vegas for a week and didn't had that much of an adventure as you. Rick, did teller talk to you?
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    What are your other hobbies?

    stuff i do would be: ventriloquy acting studying for school & making websites
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    3 New Decks

    ok when is jb going to announce the winner of the deck?
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    3 New Decks

    just ordered my 2 bee titanium decks. 1 crimsion red, 1 steel blue. a total of $15.35. now cant wait for that delivery!
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