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  • Well, too be honest I have Jack, Jon and Doug (the other MOD's) they all pull their fair share of the work so, there's never a lot for one person to do. And I basically just leave Theory11 open in a tab and browse through when I get the time.

    And yes, I'm pretty much the "baby" MOD. People sometimes don't believe I'm 15 they expect me to be like 18 or older. I guess it's a compliment.

    Yeah, I do card stuff too, but I've been trying to get into coins - I can't do much with shells or gimmicks like that though, because it's very hard to get them for Australian money; I think it's actually illegal to make them... stupid law...
    I remember you saying you had small hands... ever seen Lee Asher's hands? Mine are smaller than his. It really sucks for palming and flourishing - although, didn't you say you had a good palm? Any tips would be appreciated :)
    Haha yeah, sorry if I sounded a bit aggressive in that little discussion... I know what you mean about having to rant to make your opinion known.
    What kind(s) of magic are you into?
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