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    Card force with 10-15 cards or less

    Dani DaOrtiz has a version of the classic force done in the action of laying cards one by one face down on the table. I believe his force occurs around position 7-8, however.
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    Stack Trainer + ACAAN Trainer - New App

    Do you have any plans for an iOS version? I would gladly give you my money, but I do not own an Android device.
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    Check it!

    JP, I do not mean to say your doubles will not fool lay people; I just mean that they are very tense, and to many lay people, tension is a subconscious indication of unsavory behavior. With practice you can make them much more fluid. Practice turning over a single card, and then make your...
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    Check it!

    JP, First off your double needs serious work, but I'm sure you're aware. We can all give you some tips if you need help, but really what it comes down to is a lot more practice. As for the switch, your are breaking some unspoken rules of magic by making the move very quick and very loud...
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    Check it!

    I think your handling could benefit from some streamlining, and I also don't understand the point of the effect - what is your motivation? Why are you removing the signature from the card? Why did the spectator sign the card in the first place? Of course a 30 second video does not give me much...
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    Recommended Card Condition

    Ideally the cards should be broken in. Cards that are properly broken in hold together better than brand new cards. However, you should be able to do most flourishes with cards of varying condition. Better to practice your flourishes with whatever deck you have lying around, be it new or old -...
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    Much practice, for long time.
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    I was an advanced card magician when I purchased Chad's DVD. It took me a month to get the mechanics down, six months of practicing before I performed it, and a full year to perfect it and make it silent. Looking back, I should've practiced a full year before I ever performed it. Cameron
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    Mystery of the old deck: a bizarre question

    Really any USPC deck that is of good quality will do this. You use them, get the oils from your hands on them, and then as they sit, they slowly repair themselves - the oils seep into the stock and off the finish. Your hypothesis that it is an Ohio deck may hold water; it should be easy to tell...
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    Card Clips?

    There is no good, cheap card clip. The cheap ones are purely aesthetic. The only card clip worth your money is a Porper clip. It is the only one that keeps the cards flat. Just save up and buy the real deal.
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    From Card Sharp to Magician?

    Quoted for truth. You can tell when a card worker was trained as a magician.
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    From Card Sharp to Magician?

    I have never heard anyone who has had anything to say about this other than Daniel Madison. Madison's style of handling cards (with all his rhetoric aside) suggests that he was taught as a magician.
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    card cheating, what do you think about it

    Headkick, With people like Daniel Madison becoming incredibly popular in our community, the idea of a card cheat has been increasingly glorified. Despite Madison's murky past and absolutely no real evidence that he has ever cheated anyone out of any money during a game of cards, he claims to be...
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    double turnover, last ditch effort

    This is the kind of thing we should never say to a beginner. I have never picked up a deck of cards that was not capable of a double. You should be able to do a double with any deck of cards, period. When you plant that idea that the cards have something to do with a magician's skill, you...
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    Beginner looking for advice

    If you want to be a great card magician, start where today's greats started - the literature. If you want to be a mediocre card magician, start where the YouTube magicians of today started - on YouTube. You absolutely must start with Royal Road to Card Magic by Hugard et al. If you are in a...
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