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    Brown Split Spades

    I have seen them before. DB made these for him self and as gifts, at the time he had no plans to begin to sell them. He also had some cool Split Spades gaff cards.
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    Surpass Control - Nottingham

    This control is very cool. Although a similar idea has been played around with before(at the moment I cannot remember who showed it to me), it has enough difference to warrant originality. I really liked the Cull idea included and am going to start working on it soon. Personally I do not use...
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    Sick: by Ponta the Smith

    There is occasional text to help you with some finger placements and some moves. Overall a great dvd with some beautiful and elegant routines.
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    Well, I agree in almost all of your statements. As I said, the advice I gave, does not apply to every venue and every person. I just tried to give strong advice to someone starting in restaurants magic. I do however, whole heartedly agree with talking to your general manager about tips and...
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    If that is reference to me, well you are entitled to your opinion. But the advice I give, is just that, advice. You can take it or leave it, but what I say is other professional peoples opinions as well.
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    What's the Point of SUBMIT A TRICK?

    Well technically, Eric Jones is not an artist here.
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    Well what I say is not only my opinion, but the opinion of many other professional magicians. Now I am not saying he has to do exactly what I say. I am merely giving advice that I think will benefit him and other restaurants magicians in the long run.
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    Here is one of the biggest tips I can give. DO NOT ACCEPT TIPS. Tips lower your value in the eyes of the spectator or potential employer. I know a couple of people who have lost gigs due to accepting tips at restaurants. Here is a situation that many restaurant magicians face: After a...
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    NYC Meet Up

    Gary Dreifus? He is the MC for the Rogues show sometimes. I personally think Fantasma is a great chill spot. Tannens has a great selection of material and recently added a jam table. Rogues is really fun to chill but can be annoying to get to. Each store has its pros and cons.
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    NYC Meet Up

    Yeah but usually on Satudays, Rogues has a show that ends around 11.
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    Tannen's Magic Camp

    Please do not make a judgment if you have not been to Tannens. I can personally attest that tannens is great. Many great pros come such as Doug Mckenzie, Dan White, Bob Sheets, Jay Sankey(used to be a councelor). David Blaine used to come to the camp. There are classes, shows, and a lot of...
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    UVT - Chris Lafferty :: Review

    Ahh sorry about that. Its fine, to each his own I suppose. Well good luck with the release, the effect sounds great.
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    ChangE: Tony Chang

    Yes but I do know for sure, that the concept used in this case for ending clean, is not original with the strike change either. Tony has just applied a clean up to an already beautiful change. He has also applied great routines to this change. I recommend you get this.
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    UVT - Chris Lafferty :: Review

    THe description reminds me of Paul Harris' Unshuffling Rebbeca.
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    Paper Engine Trailer

    I respect the TOOC dvd but come on. A dvd on one effect and a move. The effect is already in print, it is not the best version of the plot (see Armando Lucero), and he is coming out with three dvds on an effect each. I find this quite ridiculous for a card effect to take up an entire dvd. I...
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