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    Card cheating

    Of course, Road Hustler is quite expensive and rare. Unfortunately, I don't think I can offer an alternative, but I would start by getting to know the game(poker) itself extremely well. This way, you can know what movements are considered natural, when attention is focused where, etc.
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    Thoughts on the Strike Second Deal

    For the strike, the thumb should be as dead as possible. Otherwise, it looks un-deceptive unless done at an insane speed. I use a version of the pushoff for that very reason. I find it easier, as I can take my time a little bit more and not have to worry as much about an extremely small exposed...
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    Mysterium - A New Series by Jason England

    Mr. England's writing style is so interesting! He should write a book. I'd buy anything he writes in a second.
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    Cheating Techniques

    I find Forte's GPS difficult to learn from because he does only demonstrate the techniques and the quality of the video is pretty low. I would suggest Jason England's Foundations DVDs to get started. The Unreal Work vol. 1 and 2 (available on give you some great applications and...
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    Which should I choose?

    If you want theory, then the obvious choice is Five Points. Dear Mr. Fantasy my personal favorite of that list, but there is no theory. The roadrunner cull is a two-volume DVD set, where each volume is $45
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    John Bannon's Smoke & Mirrors

    This book is one of my favorites. I was able to find it a small local magic shop. I really like Bannon's card fold (Creased Lightning) as well as the last trick in the book (whose name escapes me). It is very easy to do, but also hard hitting and gets spectators involved well.
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    Magic Contests... useful or not?

    I completely understand what you are trying to say, but I have to disagree. First of all, you say "they think that by winning an important contest they will become great magicians." I think it is the other way around. They practice enough to become "great" (however they define that word) and...
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    Card Trick Idea-Swan Song

    one at a time cards to pocket for the kings?
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    difficult sleights

    Check out By Forces Unseen. That book is full of sleights that are nearly impossible. But it's also angly stuff, so it's mostly unworkable.
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    Winning a coin toss every time

    This may be hard to find, but Dan and Dave have a method on their twothousandten DVD. I'm pretty sure it's on one of their really early books. Coin is normal and it's not that hard.
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    Saturday Night Contest - 52 Against One

    1. 2 clubs, queen clubs, 3 clubs 2. 5 clubs, 4 hearts, 5 hearts 3. 3 spades, 6 diamonds, ace spades
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    In2 Question??

    It cannot be done with something much heavier or thicker than a playing card.
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    Card College Light

    All right, thanks everyone. I will read them all the way through. After reading the first part as Reality One suggested, I see how sleightless tricks can be useful in certain situations.
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    Card College Light

    I recently got Card College Light, Lighter, and Lightest as a gift. I already have all five Card College books. I am well passed the stage of doing sleightless tricks, so I don't think I will read them all cover to cover. So my question is are there any tricks that are really good and I should...
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    Jason England on Fool Us?

    I am pretty sure that is Helder Guimaraes, but not sure that it is Jason England, although it is likely.
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