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  • I never have that much time to practice as well man. I have a life besides magic/Flourishing. I usually do it on the go. While im walking to the bus stop. If im watching TV. as long as i can do the cut, i'll practice it on the go.

    Otherwise, dont worry about it man. Just relax and have fun. Pandora took me a year and a half to learn, and it still aint 'Smooth'. I dont care though, cause i love doing the cut.
    in the meanwhile, if you are right handed a good cover angle is to use your body, when doing the pass turn your body a little to the left, that way the right hand will shade the front and it will less likely that you will flash, I dont rememebring saying that in the "tips" video, but maybe I had, try tha meanwhile :).
    Do me a favour will ya? if you can, record yourself doing the pass at least from 3 different angles (front left right) and upload it to vimeo, make it password protected and send me the link, that way I can see whats wrong and I can give you better tips, its kinda hard because I do not know what you are doing wrong or weird, so that would help a lot.
    hay anybody here if so u need help cause i keep bloody flashin my pass there is no safe angle am i not holdin it wrong. can u give me any tips to cover this. its like 3am so i might not have made sense lmoa
    If you are right handed, In my opinion, most of the work is made by the left hand, that hand is the one that clips the upper packet and makes it go to the bottom, the right hand pretty much just grabs the top packet and lifts it up a little bit, but most of the work is done by the left hand.
    sorry man, my internet has been pretty bad this days.

    Anyway, I really like flourishes, if you are completely new to this thing, I would suggest two things.

    Either "xtreme begginers" by de'vo


    Brian Tudor"generation extreme"

    Now in my personal opinion you can get a lot more for you money if you buy generation extreme (the penguin magic version is pretty bad I suggest the original), the teaching is kinda bad, but it was my first magic and flourishing dvd, and I dont regret, I will be sincere, the difficulty in the flourishes and the magic routines is really hard, you will bump your head against the wall for not being able to do the cuts at his speed, but iether way, it costs like 50$ but includes a lot of sleights(if you are actually patient to learn them) and most dan and dave flourishes or Daniel madison flourishes involves cuts like the Sybior the one handed revolution cut,(Wich are taugh in the dvd) thats my personal preference, but there you go.
    Well, It really depends on how you are performing. If your performing for fun the I would say do about 5 tricks and they will be happy. If you are doing it because they want a real performance then I will have to quote lee asher "take three tricks and perfect them because a magician that does three tricks that are perfect will be better than a magician that does a zillion trick sloppily". That wasn't work for word but you get what Im trying to say.

    Good Luck

    Justin Way
    Yea, it looks good. It teaches lots of things you can practice and have to play around such as say being able to pen spin with a sharpie before you give it to someone to sign a card in a trick etc
    haha. I agree! I hate getting links. My advice would be to first purchase the cardistry volume 1 by Andrei Jikh on theory 11 1 on 1 as it is great for starters. Then move onto some of the easy flourishes such as static and death to the double undercut and then progress from there such as getting the werm
    At conventions you meet magicians and hang out and learn magic from the lectures and close up sessions with professional magicians. There are shows and dealers rooms. They are really fun.
    Hey dude, i read on D+M's profile that you are moving to the UK. I live in the UK and could give you a heads up about places to go for magic and the conventions there are to go to.
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