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  1. TheoryGV

    Saturday Night Contest - Michael's Secret Vacation

    Wellington new Zealand
  2. TheoryGV

    Hi I'm here to let everyone know of a new community that has just been started it's called totallywp and was created by a member of the Dan and Dave forums and is in need of more member. This site was the solution to Dan and Dave closing down there spring cleaning section but us much more than a...
  3. TheoryGV

    Whats this flourish?

    yes def. not B4 it looks to me to be a comination of B4 x Sybil x Skater cut so it would be self created refs. B4- can be eared in the 1on1 sec. by andrei jikh Sybil-Tottaly out of control by chris kenner Skater cut- triogly dan and dave ut dont take my word for it thats just what it...
  4. TheoryGV

    Aging coins?

    less sound when they rub together
  5. TheoryGV

    Card Collection Battle

  6. TheoryGV

    Anyone else having problems?

    had this same problem trying to get some help also
  7. TheoryGV

    Taking a break form magic

    i know i just need to sell at least it will bring a little advertisment to the listings before it gets closed sorry if it ticks some people off i just need cash
  8. TheoryGV

    Taking a break form magic

    Hey guys i am taking a little break form magic and flourishing to presue art more and focus on school a little bit more so i have decided to sell off some of the magic stuff that sits in my closet like A used True astonishments DVD set for $210 free shipping...
  9. TheoryGV

    Saturday Night Contest - 52 + YOU - Photography Challenge

    eat your heart out bayme
  10. TheoryGV

    Is this too good to be true?

    no those are the new ones not rare and not worth it i have 2 but i got mine for free
  11. TheoryGV

    Thoughts on Next Week's 1-on-1 :: Grab Your Remotes

    bill malone just a guess
  12. TheoryGV

    Magic Festival in Colon, Michigan?

    i may if i can get a ride with my boy brandon he has been going for like 8 years and its a blast u should go
  13. TheoryGV

    Interview with Criss Angel by Penn - Made me respect Angel more.

    yes i saw this awhile ago and was going to make a thread but couldnt find the vid again
  14. TheoryGV

    hey would you like to buy a uncut sheet of gaurdians they are super rare and it is signed by lee...

    hey would you like to buy a uncut sheet of gaurdians they are super rare and it is signed by lee asher dm danny g jb and wayne houchin this is a great thing to own for any serious magican
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