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    Unpopular opinions

    I Guess you never did a show for young kids! The props are great to draw their attention...add some balloons, some ropes and needles and please leave out the cards...until they are 11 or 12...or you will lose them for sure! You have to understand, young kids still believe in magic....if you...
  2. Timewise64

    Unpopular opinions

    Like any 'art form' to learn the art it is best to learn the fundamentals first! Then around 10,000 hours of practice/performance later, you can be a Master...
  3. Timewise64

    Unpopular opinions

    I love Paul's cups and balls....he is so entertaining and executes his routine perfectly!
  4. Timewise64

    Unpopular opinions

    CJ....I would say you have not spent much time learning about cups and balls! I have seen it performed where it absolutely amazed me...all good magic, regardless how simple, can be exploded into new dimensions by a talented magical artist! Many of these routines are the best of the best….
  5. Timewise64

    Magic Shops in utah????

    Many in the younger generations will never know, as the number of shops has dropped dramatically and is still dropping. They cannot compete with the internet! Therefore, many young will never know, what they do not know...
  6. Timewise64

    Suggestions to buy magic related stuff from Amazon

    I too was a 'newbie' a few short years ago! I too started out buying tricks and gimmicks, they were great fun at first. Then when I started doing magic for friends and neighbors, I quickly realized that I did not have a performance, I only had some tricks with a few comments that came with...
  7. Timewise64

    Magic Shops in utah????

    I agree, there is nothing like going in and seeing and touching the items you are considering to buy. Also, being able to talk to someone who can demonstrate the product and answer questions. I too miss this...but time moves forward! I fear that younger generations will have no idea how to...
  8. Timewise64

    Pics from "A Night To Shine" last Friday Night

    How great was that?! Looks like everyone had a great time...your photographer did a great job of capturing the reactions of the spectators...
  9. Timewise64

    Using egg skin

    Interesting where can one get this product and the trick(s) associated with this?
  10. Timewise64

    Magic Shops in utah????

    As a kid 1950's early 60's, I lived in a small town in the mountains of Colorado. I had a friend who's brother (in high school) was a pretty good magician. He did a few shows for the kids in Grade School, and did a few local gig's over the years. I was always trying to get his brother to...
  11. Timewise64

    I am 16 and my school talent show auditions is coming up in 2 weeks need ideas

    As already said, cups and balls is a good starter. Also, cut and restored rope and Professors Nightmare are both good rope tricks you could learn.
  12. Timewise64

    Trading Magic?

    I buy some on ebay! I find some 'classic' stuff and sometimes the prices are really good....but I am not really in the market right now....
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    Musician and Magician....interesting, please tell us more! And welcome....
  14. Timewise64

    Best way to greet Bride and Groom?

    Seems like someone who hires you for a wedding reception or maybe for the dinner prior to the wedding day, would want to meet you and see you perform a bit first....if they do not ask for this meeting, you might offer to come over and meet them and show them a bit of your performance.....that...
  15. Timewise64

    How long does it take...

    As you get into magic, like most things, there are many lessons to be learned. Who amongst does not have a small drawer or pile of "tricks" that you purchased that are basically junk? I know I do... As you learn the art of magic, using books and carefully reading and understanding what people...
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