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    How is my Herman pass?

    I'll do that tnx
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    How is my Herman pass?

    If it was coppy written, i would have get a notice from youtube about it. this didn´t happen ^^
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    I have a few beginner question about the “Art of Cardistry ” and cardistryacademy has a few decent tutorials. or.... just ask other cardists for help and or instructions (here on theory11 or on reddit)
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    How is my Herman pass?

    Any tipps?
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    Elite Points: What are you saving up for?

    I'm saving for the white monarchs
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    Made a backdesign what are your thoughts?
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    Saturday Night Contest - Revolution

    Sorry for the bad quallity, I didn't have anything better. The flourish is: - 5 faces of sybil - followed by revolution cut and 1 handed fan - fan is closed on finger spinned around finger - finished with rev 2 I hope it is good enough ^^
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    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    yeah, there should be more flourishing contests ^^
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    which deck?

    I dont mind paying for the shipping, its just that i dont have a creditcard or paypal... so i have no way of paying at all. but ill keep the contests in mind ^^
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    which deck?

    I wont have too worry about laymen asking about my cards, because I mostly do cardistry. But i´ll keep it in mind ^^
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    which deck?

    well the jaqk deck is pretty difficult since I live in the netherlands, and don't own a creditcard... ill keep looking for a place too buy them in the netherlands ^^
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    which deck?

    Alright, i'll go for the vintage deck then ^^
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    which deck?

    I want to buy either the bicycle vintage deck, or the bicycle ghost deck. wich one do you guys recommend me?
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    Online Jam?

    uhm, dont have skype, but would love to jam using google hangouts
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    Should it become a tutorial

    first: get better at it, do it smoother second: make a tutorial for it third: upload it (for free ^^) to the wire i really like it;)
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