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  • Hey buddy, email me with your email address. . .not certain I have it (probably do but can't find it)
    Sure thing - let me know if there's anything I can help with, I'd be glad to anytime :) Incidentally, talk also to D ICE R and Craig Browning (and Steerpike if you can find him) - they're the guys I'd go to for advice. In fact, I came on to send Craig a PM :)
    Hey Toby, good to see you :) Yeah, I've popped on once or twice in the past week. I've actually just moved countries, and I'm now in the US for the next 5 months or so, hence the hiatus, amongst other things :) I started uni straight away so things have been a bit hectic, but I'll probably ease back into things like magic and mentalism over time :)
    I would be very interested in a revival of your Presentational Ideas threads. Although I did not reply, I loved reading about your detailed presentation ideas. Definitely one of the more meaningful threads in the forum =)
    Looking forward.
    Hey Toby! Just a friendly reminder that I've not revieved your essay yet, and there's only a few days left to submit it! Best of luck to you in the contest!
    so can you work it out let.. if you can, it be fab to no what you thing about it and what you have found out forme the word i have use .. have fun to so what new magic books have you got last week . for me it not a magic book or is it the book / chanbers slang dictionary by jonathon green it fab one to read
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