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  1. Tokyo

    Card tricks using double backed cards

    Hofsinzer's All Backs is one of my favorite tricks to perform that requires a double backed card. Michael Ammar does a great performance of it: The Anniversary Waltz also requires a double back card, and that's an absolutely fantastic trick. Also...
  2. Tokyo

    Card sleight DVDs

    Depends on what you're looking for, if you're looking for lots of tricks and such as well as sleights, I can't recommend the Royal Road to Card Magic enough. (Paul Wilson released a DVD set a while back on it, in case you don't feel like reading). If you want to just know a bunch of sleights...
  3. Tokyo

    Favourite impromtu card sandwiches

    Big fan of Dan and Dave's 'Scoop'. Tons of fun to perform, I love effects that can be presented as a demonstration of exceptional 'skill'.
  4. Tokyo

    ALASCAAN - A Lost And Shuffled Card At Any Number

    @hellafont, there's not much more to add to what Isaac said. It seems like a pretty standard ACAAN, with a few convoluted details thrown in. When considering an effect like ACAAN that has several different methods and several different presentations, it's very important to consider the...
  5. Tokyo

    Powerful Card tricks!

    My favorite to perform would be The Biddle Trick, Here There and Everywhere, French Kiss, Michael Ammar's version of Card to Spectator's Wallet, and though I'm not overly fond of gimmicked decks I've lately been getting a lot of mileage out of the Invisible Deck.
  6. Tokyo

    Little help with the name of this effect?

    Looks like it's just a really well done pass.
  7. Tokyo

    Best DVD

    I started with the Paul Wilson DVD in combination with the book form of Royal Road to Card Magic. Good stuff in there. Penguin has recently started putting the Tarbell course on video, if you don't want to read it. Here's a few good resources, I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than me will...
  8. Tokyo

    A buyer's opinion

    You shouldn't take offense to any of the things that have been said here, it was you who was looking for the opinions of magicians. Before you think too much about releasing tricks of your own, it's important that you have a masterful grasp on the mechanics of performance itself; not only...
  9. Tokyo

    Good Romantic Trick

    Instead of Desert Rose, just spring for Napkin Rose by Michael Mode (Randall even recommends it in his download). It includes the torn and restored effect shown in the trailer for Desert Rose, along with some other cool tricks.
  10. Tokyo

    Distortion - Wayne Houchin

    Distortion is a good trick if used in an environment with lower lighting - a party, bar, club, or places of that nature. It's one of those tricks that's better suited for cameras.
  11. Tokyo

    Fire Card Trick??

    Penguin sells them. Search "flash poker cards". They sell the King of Hearts, Queen of Spades, and Ace of Spades.
  12. Tokyo


    Definitely the walking was a poor choice, had to watch this four times just to understand what was happening. This looks really similar to another trick I've seen .... can't think of the name or performer for the life of me, although I did see Jason England do a similar packet trick except in...
  13. Tokyo

    Tricks for parties

    Probably the single best piece of magical advice I've seen here. @meggisonj get a card clip!
  14. Tokyo

    Looking for some Hardhitting Mentalism Routines

    Yeah, I figured it out after the youtube suggestions popped up. I already finished reading Practical Mental Magic and have started watching Freeform; definitely getting excited to try some of this stuff out!
  15. Tokyo

    Tricks for parties

    You're going to want super visual stuff, anything you can perform without talking is great for parties - stuff with complicated routines or patter won't go over well in a party environment where you might not be heard properly. Coin tricks are great, I have a set of coins I have covered in...
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