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    Magic Trailer - From Japan

    Hey, This is my friend's, Riken, new magic video trailer. He is a great guy and has been living in Tokyo for quite a while now. Great magician, funny, and overall just pretty awesome.
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    Six month's of practice paid off

    ummm. like the cascade control, try to avoid shifting your entire torso, arms, shoulders, and hands to the left when you do the move. there is no reason to rotate your body to cover the movement, just tilt your hands a bit. the huge rotation in your torso is a dead giveaway.
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    How young is too young to work professionally?

    My bit of advice is, do not set a poor magician who "makes mistakes" but still takes down 30-40 dollars per show, as your benchmark for when you are ready to go professional. "I can do that trick without making a mistake like that, I can go pro too" should not be your train of thought. Aim for...
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    Website Thoughts?

    If you plan on sticking with Wordpress as your site's CMS (content management system), once you get your own demain with hosting, you wont be limited to the type / amount of themes you can use. You are sill in development stages so keep looking around for new themes. You might even want to...
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    What do you do outside of magic?

    Professionally: Web Design, Translation (J->E mostly), Fashion Marketing, International Sales Semi-Professionally: Used to teach Martial Arts and competed in both the NBL and NASKA circuits. Private English Teacher. Hobbies: I play pocket billiards religiously, mostly 9 ball and 10...
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    Ambitious card (live performance)

    Kudos for doing live performances! Keep it up. A few pieces of advice. Watch the video again and watch it from a spectator's point of view. Does the camera angle capture what you want people to see? How about the various editing you used... does it highlight and add to what you want...
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    How can I get people to watch my Magic card vids?

    None of your videos come up in a typical magician's search. None of your videos have any descriptions or tag words, or titles that relate to magic for that matter. Use words like "color change" "two card transpo" "card sleights", "close up magic", etc... in your descriptions. Keywords and...
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    New Website is Live! What do you guys think?

    Code looks clean for the most part. Design comments: The overall width of the site is quite large, and is typically used for site with a sidebar (following the golden rule with ratios). Because of the lack of the sidebar, you are filling up the top page with photos and videos that are...
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    My Website (Work In Progress)

    Good start. Ways to go. Keep up the good work! Are you primarily trying to get clients through this site? What I mean is, is this website your primary means to getting new clients? If so, you do not need the information about your inspiration in magic. What you need is more...
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    Amateurs and Professionals

    I do agree with Sir William. However, there are many exceptions to most rules. It is all situational. There are a lot of imaginable situations in which an un-practice amateur's poor performance can have a direct effect on another professional's working environment, but as a general rule of...
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    Bee Wynn Price

    If the demand gets high enough, might sell 5 or so of my few dozen. But, shipping and handling from Japan might be quite a bit.
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    Help creating a website!

    In all honesty, put in the time to learn Wordpress. You will be glad that you did. Go to to sign up for a free site with an unlimited amount of free themes and just start messing around with the options. If you want to add something new but are not sure how, visit the...
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    First Effect (Let's Face It) Up & Ready!

    Dear OP. You are getting negative responses to the video because this is a magician's forum, and that is all. People come to this forum to see and experience magic. The post you created mentioned a new "effect" which would get people excited. However, your video, although obviously you had...
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    How to Make your own Close-up Card Mat + Benefits!

    Question for all you homemade close-up pad craftsman. Are the pads you create one-way pads or can coins slide smoothly in all directions? One of the biggest draw backs of getting the lower end close-up pads is that the are all one-way pads and not ideal for coin matrix work.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Card Camera Challenge
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