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    A terrific movie!
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    Nail Polish?

    lol this is a funny thread
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    Hobbies and Personal Interests

    i play a lot of piano which helps keeps my fingers agile
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    Some Original Music

    really liked alot of it, very original
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    Performers Should Be Less Boring

    i think this was a great post with a lot of very helpful tips. thanks gusy!
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    Insane Card Animation

    seen this before but i really like it still
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    By Forces Unseen - Clip

    Quite good if i do say so myself
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    anywhere we can watch it online?
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    d+M - Truth

    I really liked it, simple but still confusing
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    Magic or Card Related Movies

    yah, i really like illusionist, much better than the prestige with christian bale. had more about magic in a sense than the prestige which was more hollywood flashy i thought definite + for rounders
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    Willing to sell Jerry's Nuggets?

    how much are you offering?
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    Any Interest in Anglo Decks?

    yah. thats why im trying to get this deal up and seeing if anyone would be interested
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    Any Interest in Anglo Decks?

    you cant see the shipping freight to the us because you are in sweden. one deck shipped to the states is 8.30 for shipping, plus 6 is 14.30 for just one deck
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    Any Interest in Anglo Decks?

    A lot of people in the states are hesitating to get them because of the high shipping cost. I am trying to bring them over to the states and sell them with regular shipping so people dont get screwed over. Many people like the designs of the cards
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    Absolut Vodka cards + Funny Story

    I got 5 left to sell at 9 a piece plus shipping. pm or email me at if you are interested.
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