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    My English website

    Thank you :) I was most worried about the text, because I have not used any kind of professional translator services. Me and my friend just did all by ourselves. Sometimes, when you translate some phrases or thought, the result in another language might be not the same :) Thank you one more...
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    My English website

    Thank you!
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    My English website

    Hey guys, A couple days ago my English website was done. Could you give me some feedback? Thank you! Tomas
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    Need your opinion

    Hey guys, Recently I have changed my website. This is the new look . The English version - It is not finished yet and I need your opinions about it: what needs to be improved and what has to be thrashed. This would mean a lot to me. Thanks...
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    Best ring flight (your opinion)

    Hey guys, I did a quick search, but I have not found the answer. So... I am writing to ask you for advice: which ring flight is the best in your opinion? I am planning to buy one. Also it should be done sleeveless. Thank you, Tomas
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    awesome magic ;)

    awesome magic ;)
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    A Levitation Trick

    Do not do it too long. Short levitation is much better. And avoid swinging, because it gives away the secret right away. To sum up, put work on this trick :)
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    2 Performers on Stage?

    Well, I haven't seen any entertaining two person MENTALISM, so that is just my opinion
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    New Video

    That was ok
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    2 Performers on Stage?

    No but if you still want to do that, do not do with 2 performers on stage at the same time.
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    Caught performing a sleight...

    Man, this one made me laugh sooooooo much :D :D :D :D I see 2 ways of getting from this and it depends on who said "I saw that". If a normal person said that (I mean not heckler, they are not normal) just keep going, they won't see this as a failure if you do not treat it as a failure. This...
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    How to deal with Hecklers?

    My opinion Here is how I deal with hecklers (learn the hard way): * in restaurant I do not bother to entertain a person, who tries to mess me up. Just show them a quick trick and move on. * in private shows I do a trick that fools them in front of an audience and usually thats enough...
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    Your Opinion (Important)

    Check out sankey's site. Every product has at least 3 qoutes from unknown guys :D Sankey could even create them himself :D :D
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    Check out sankey stuff. I found it the BEST for restaurant job.
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    nice, I like that :)
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