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    1. RedbeardThePink
      Hey there. You're the gent from Mechanicsville, right? Next time I'm in the shop, I'll have to let you know in advance. I just learned a new spoon bend that I really like, and as I recall you were interested in expanding your metal bending repertoire. I've messed around with a few of the really basic spoon bends, but this one is very good and the method is devilishly deceptive and clever. I'm also aiming to pick up Liquid Metal 2 pretty soon, so I might know most or all of that by the next time I'm in Richmond. That one's a systematic warping and optional destruction of a fork right in front of your spectators, some of it in their hands if you want. It looks pretty sweet and seems like a pretty variable routine with an option to give away the fork instead of taking it apart.
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