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Aug 9, 2009
    1. James Smith
      James Smith
    2. James Smith
      James Smith
      Yeah, I sort of knew those moves. I don't have CC2, but it's on my Wish list. I do use the cull (I thought it was my move) I would not be able to apply the cull to that You Do As I Do effect (of my creation) There's quite an elaborate set-up that involves removing a card from one deck, putting a double-backer on, holding a break, and a few other things.

      I use the top change, but not properly. There is a top change taught on David Stone's Window DVD that I've been working on for the last few days though.
    3. James Smith
      James Smith
      Only four years, I know what a top change is, but I've never really practiced it. Right now, I'm working on the Two-Handed shift from Expert at the Card Table. (A.K.A. the Classic Pass) I know a lot of sleights, those are just two I happen to not know. ha ha.
    4. James Smith
      James Smith
      I received the PM. To be honest, I don't even know a top change. I don't know what you mean by the You Do As I Do being staged. I don't know a cull either.
    5. James Smith
      James Smith
      Hey man, I just noticed that you crituqued my videos, but you thought they were RDChopper's. Do you think you could send me the PM you sent him? Oh, and thanks for the tips. I was having an off-day. I had like two hours of sleep the night before, and nothing to eat except a hot dog and an orange soda. My energy really affected my performance in the coin through bottle. I had almost zero presentation and my and was a little stiff. Not to toot my own horn, but my thumb palm rocked :). I've been watching it like a million times, and I can't even see the slightest sign of a flash. I'm quite proud of it.
    6. RDChopper
      Just a question, the pm that you sent me is all directed to Davey g? If im going to post that I need to be a bit more clear on whos the critic directed too, thanks for helping :).
    7. RDChopper
      Hey man, those performances arent mine ;). It should be a good idea to post those comments in the "G.O.P" thread, they are good and that way everybody can see them :D.
    8. chriswiehl
      sure champ lol. send me a pm. or if you have AIM just send me a message at srwiehl
    9. Elyk
      hey tremor i saw your video. i like the color change but i think it could be a lot cleaner. also the video could of used some editing. i was little confused on what was going on in the beginning. you probably could have cut that out or something and the lighting was a little to dark for me. overall its a great color change.
    10. Elyk
      sure no problem. let me know what you think of mine too
    11. Elyk
      no problem im in this for about the same time as you so its pretty fair. cant wait to see what you have for me. Good Luck
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