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    Ponta the Smith's vanish

    Yeah I have. Still can't do it though.
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    Ponta the Smith's vanish

    I think Ponta uses a dollar size coin, but does anyone do Ponta the Smith's vanish with a half dollar reasonably well? I can't get the coin to stay in the proper position for the initial vanish (hopefully doesn't get deleted for exposure, but we know that the coin doesn't actually vanish)...
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    fingertip muscle pass

    Yeah. But there are some applications for it shown which is cool.
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    fingertip muscle pass

    Also you can see Ponta the Smith using it in some of his tricks/routines in his DVD "Sick". (He uses a fingertip muscle pass in his 3 fly routine by the way.)
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    fingertip muscle pass

    I think there's a couple of places, but I think this is where I learnt it. This is Kainoa Harbottle's Penguin Live lecture but you get a free tutorial of the fingertip muscle pass both as a separate download and he goes over it a bit in the lecture. (note...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Name This Flourish!

    1) Fan whirl (flourish) 2) Dizzy fan 3) Orbit fan
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    Saturday Night Contest - Always in Control

    My entry Here's my entry: I hope it meets the rules/specifications for this contest. By the way, this control is more of the cards are really mixed (the spectator can even do some of the mixing/shuffling if he/she wants to) rather than I am not doing...
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    Flick and Pop Opener

    I think you can find a tutorial for it on the Xtreme Beginnerz DVD set (Volume 1).
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    Tally-Ho, Bicycle, or Bee Decks?

    Well I think that Tallys are good for magic and flourishing, Bees are good for gambling moves/demonstrations, and Bikes are just good all around cards (and there are bicycle gaff decks which allow you to do cool stuff with bikes, i haven't seen tally of bee gaff decks).
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    Aristocrat Playing Cards.

    I was just wondering if the Aristocrat cards are going to be permanent/regular cards available for purchase or are they a limited edition thing. If someone could let me know that would be appreciated. (Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question to ask.)
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    Is it just me, or does the Arcane black gaff deck have lighter backs then they should

    I don't own the black arcane gaff deck but I think I read somewhere on E's site or on their forums that the black arcane gaff deck looks a bit different from the regular black arcane deck basically. I believe that the white gaff deck is fine (I don't have that deck either but this is just from...
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    best opener effects to do ?

    If there is a table, I like to do Joshua Jay's poker opener. It is what he calls a fireworks magic trick because of the multiple magical moments in it and you can save interaction with the spectator for later once you have your reputation established because the spectator doesn't pick a card. I...
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    sweating hands. need help

    If you don't mind my asking...what were the dvds you got?
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    A little bit about myself...

    I'm not sure if I have a number one favourite...but I like Card-Toon #2 quite a lot.
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    sweating hands. need help

    I have used it sometimes and as long as you don't put heaps on, I don't think that it leaves your skin rough. It just leaves your hands dry. By the way, don't rub your eyes while you have driclor (the dri part is pronounced "dry") on. Wash your hands the morning after you put it on at night.
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