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  • wow, you seem like a visual learner, i think that puts you a notch higher than most....thats really good my friend...keep in touch...we can really do something big....after you read my message write back i'm working on something pretty big hope you would like to partake in it...
    Well daniel madison, is a great magician... but there was one mistake he made. he posted it on youtube! any time something appears on youtube that i dont know, i figure it out... the way i saw what was going on was by slowing it down... i know there was no pause or throwing of the card, but i did notice that the move was remanicent of the snap change (glitch) he putt out a while back... i think you can get it from there.
    Hey, ya ive seen that shop its Magic and Costumes Ect. right? But yes i was Trying to make my own magic DVD but that was way to complicated so i moved on and im now writing an E-book instead. I only have one video on the internet and it was only for a church competition... so it just a compilation of short tricks. if you want to see it click on the link.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bc1sMUcsGCM
    Magic Dvd huhh?? Sounds interesting. you have any videos you can show me??

    I've been doing this for little over 2 years now. Mainly flourishes, only because their fun. Most of my magic I try not to get overwhelmed by so i just stick to 10 to 15 tricks that i do most of the time.

    yeah i've been to illusion warehouse a couple of times when i first started. i dont go there anymore because their over priced in my opinion. most of my magic now comes from online. and sometimes i stop by another magic shop off of 30 and forest park.
    whats up TXmagician?? i couldnt help but notice that your from keller. I live in fort worth. how long have you been in magic?
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