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Recent content by Tyler Johnson

  1. Tyler Johnson

    How much would you pay?

    Oh man. I'm glad I didn't say okay. I'll definitely try and talk him down. Thanks for the help!
  2. Tyler Johnson

    How much would you pay?

    I have a friend that's willing to sell me his original V1 Smoke deck and a framed Jerry's Nugget card signed by Dan and Dave along with a post card that says, "All the best", and is signed by Dan and Dave. He wants $200 for it. Is that to much? He's a friend, so I don't know if I should try and...
  3. Tyler Johnson

    Smoke & Mirrors V1

    I'm just curious as to the worth, but I have 2 Smoke V1 decks that have never been opened and are still in the cellophane. I'm NOT looking to sell them anytime soon, but I'm just curious as to what they're worth right now. I looked on eBay and found a 2 pack of V2 selling for around $150. Does...
  4. Tyler Johnson

    Hey, sorry! I haven't gotten any emails, but my email account has been acting funny recently...

    Hey, sorry! I haven't gotten any emails, but my email account has been acting funny recently. Try emailing me at
  5. Tyler Johnson

    WTF? What happend to WTF?

    Interesting. This isn't the first time I've heard of shady dealings from Justin. Actually, it's the third. Tyler
  6. Tyler Johnson

    The Manifesto: 2nd trick preview

    You should give it to me because my name is Luis too. P.S. No it isn't. But I am awesome, so I deserve it.
  7. Tyler Johnson

    Favourite Cardistry video

    Some of my favorites are: Virtuoso: Reintroduction - Dan & Dave in China Macau - F 501 - Portable Playground -
  8. Tyler Johnson


    Out of those choices, I would get Lit. I got eXile and was disappointed with it. It's not very effective, plus once you've set up the trick you have a time limit to perform it. Also, I would just get Lit because I don't do geek magic (Thread). However, it's really up to your style. I would...
  9. Tyler Johnson

    Nikon Film Festival - In The Cards : Short Film by Andrei Jikh

    Really awesome video! One of the best I've seen as far as cardistry goes! I can't believe you actually leaned forward on top of that building. I thought you possibly just turned around (instead of facing out, faced in) and leaned forward towards the parking lot because you couldn't tell from...
  10. Tyler Johnson

    Card Spring Marriage Proposal

    Congratulations man! Awesome way to propose! As a side note, I'm getting married in 9 days! WHOO WHOO! Anyway, congratulations again, being engaged is wonderful! Peace! Tyler
  11. Tyler Johnson

    The Debunking of Camera Editing

    That's not the method that was used for the video and that is why lots of us confronted it. Several facts about the video in question, which sadly is not longer posted so that people can know the truth. 1. The light source (the sun) was coming from behind and to the left of the camera...
  12. Tyler Johnson

    The Debunking of Camera Editing

    Don't mean to be coming in here and riling things up, but I remember a video where you had blatant cuts in it (for a transportation from behind one tree to the next) and you denied it although it was obvious. Soon after that video was removed. "You wont find edits on any of my current videos."...
  13. Tyler Johnson

    Why buy ZAP?

    My suggestion, after getting reviews from some friends of mine I trust, would be to not get it and go after some books. Here are some reviews from people that are trustworthy... "My own observations is thats there isn't anything new here. It's the same old stuff packaged a bit differently and...
  14. Tyler Johnson

    Magic Products overdoing it?

    I agree with the first post of course, but I would just like to take notnilc20's post a little further. First, it is true that some magic companies do not fully show an effect because they do not want people replaying the video to figure out the trick. Yes, you and I wouldn't do it, but there...
  15. Tyler Johnson

    Camera Trick? Or something amazing?

    Nope, that isn't anything like "Change". It's based on the Shapeshifter/Bob Change (Kevin Ho) methods. If you know those, then you know what I'm talking about. Peace! Tyler P.S. Oops. Lots of replies before me. Hah.
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