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    Anaconda DVD Available Again!

    Not sure if this is allowed here since it's technically an advertisement, but I thought it would be nice especially for those that weren't into Cardistry/Flourishing back during WLD'09 when it was originally released. The Anaconda DVD is available once again! For those of you who do not...
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    D&D selling Jerry's Nuggets for $1?

    Should have saved this till April Fools Day, it's only 2 weeks away.
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    D&D selling Jerry's Nuggets for $1?

    Well the page isn't linked to anywhere on their site, so I'm assuming that they didn't even expect anyone to find it yet, and they realised quite quickly hence they were only up for like 45 seconds before they closed it. I'm assuming it'll be open longer and they'll give warning and such next...
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    D&D selling Jerry's Nuggets for $1?

    Did anyone actually get any of these, or did they just accidently have the page up, then set them to sold out because they weren't supposed to be up yet.
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    Bone Ho - DVD in the works.

    Knowing Bone, it'll be a limited release and that'll be it so that the DVD becomes super special rare and awesome.
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    Bone Ho - DVD in the works.

    I'm more shocked that some of his forum is now available for public viewing without some super secret underground password.
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    andthensome - What move next?

    Now You're Thinking With Portals, We can all do magic tricks.
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    Andthensome: Limited Orange Edition

    I wonder if the pre-orders get the +YOURSTUFF as a vault extra or something, or miss out entirely because they ordered early, seems kinda mean.
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    Le Paul Spread shape...

    I actually prefered old, but rested, decks for practicing lepaul, they aren't as stiff as new decks which is nice on the hands, but they arent all clumpy like well loved decks that haven't been sitting around a while.
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    Any other flourishers in Melbourne, Australia?

    But I wants to kidnap you ;_;
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    It all started here...

    May not have been really fast like most people, but it looked smooth and without hesitation, don't think I could have done any better myself.
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    Why are we clones?

    There is a difference between discussion and what is occuring here, if you need to resort to censorship, theres obviously a mood beyond a helpful discussion.
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    Any other flourishers in Melbourne, Australia?

    I watch all these Jam session videos and makes me wonder if there are any other flourishers around in Melbourne that would like to get together and session or such, laymen all see flourishes as the same, so I think knowing some other flourishers in the area would help inspire me to get better...
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    Why are we clones?

    Anyone making such a big deal out of THERE BEING CLONES EVERYWHERE, are about as bad as people crying over tricks being revealed on YouTube. If clones annoy you so much, stop watching their videos or whatever the hell, simple as that. This thread seems to be constantly changing it's mind about...
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    Original Trick : Konceptual-X

    Nice effect, but it's a little simple to work out imo, the bend and the rubber band pretty much gave away what's going on because they are so out of place. Plus alot of the moves look like they are hiding things, probably because they are, but it makes the trick seem unpracticed that less stange...
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