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    Flourishes versus deck life

    I would completely destroy a deck for an audience if it meant great reaction from the crowd. You should do the same. Completely destroying a deck in a practice session is a small price to pay for the competence and execution you get from it. Economize, buy smart, buy bulk. Costco will...
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    Card Spring - The 'Wrong Way'

    Having the cards launch off the thumb is better for learning springing. You can catch the cards with your belly when praciticing and messing up. Plus how your left hand catches the deck differs greatly with finger springing versus thumb. If you're finger springing, you're moving your left hand...
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    Pressure Fanning - Help

    Clearing the middle finger on the left hand? Well I'm not sure what you mean by "clearing" per se. Throughout the whole fanning my middle finger is contacting the bottom of the deck. If talking about when the deck "passes" the middle finger, then review the tip that Jerry gives about...
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    Best cards for faro shuffling?

    Any brand new deck in my opinion. Faroing isn't so much deck brand specific as deck condition. Although there are decks that have edges different from brand new Bikes and such. Ellusionist decks are some of them with the edges already polished a little bit so the gritty edgy feel isn't there...
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    Practicing card flourishes. How do I get better?

    "Mastery: The mastery curve. There's really no way around it. Learning any new skill requires brief spurts of progress followed by a short decline to a plateau slightly higher, in most cases, than the plateau that proceeded it. In the real learning experience, progress is less regular. The...
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    Triangle cut?

    Your going to have to give a better description of the cut than that. There are a ton of 3 packet one-handed cuts. Many different types from self-standing sculptures to false 3 packet cuts.
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    Pressure Fanning - Help

    1. At the end of the motion, is the end. There really is nothing special. Some people like to follow through and slide the fingers off, but it's not necessary. Mainly to make sure the fan is wide as possible. Watch more videos of different people executing the fan and you'll see what I'm talking...
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    Vertical Spin and Springs

    Comes with experience. The pressure you exert will be great on the cards when first learning the moves. Because your body doesn't know the exact pressure to exert to execute the move. Just like the Shapeshifter, it's all muscle memory. In time you barely notice a change in deck beveling and deck...
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    About how many flourishes should a flourisher know?

    Although infinite may sound reasonable in a nice perfect world, but sometimes it just wastes your time sometimes. If two things look so similar than that extra variation might not be worth learning. If you know the one hand revolution, then you probably aren't going to need to learn the...
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    Deck Flip pop out

    Also you may wanna try with just the thumb and middle finger contacting the deck and doing the flip. This should help keep the deck together to at least understand the motions to keep the deck nice and square during the move. With all the other fingers contacting the deck kind of drag that...
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    How do you answer...

    "Very well, that's how I did it." "Can you keep a secret? (spectator responds yes usually) Well so can I." "I sold my soul to the devil and this is what I got."
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    How long should a deck of cards last?

    Your hand condition will play a role in that most of the time. If you're like me with sweaty palms, cards will go through in an instant. Properly rotate decks during practice sessions to increase the longevity of your decks. On average including my sweatyness usually a couple weeks if I rotate...
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    One Handed Fan

    Your starting position is very important, like everyone else said straddling it with index and pinky is key. Thumb positioning is important as well as that will give you the widest spread possible. Place the thumb at the bottom right corner(if your doing the fan in your right hand) and then...
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    What flourishing DVD are you most looking forward to in 2008?

    Girls Gone Wild DVD Ironman DVD Bang Bus DVD Dark Knight DVD Harold and Kumar Goto Guantanamo Bay DVD Naruto Season 3 DVD Rosette Exclusive Work DVD Xtreme Beginners Vol.II DVD How to Fix a Car Tire DVD EVO 2007 DVD A Moment With You DVD That's just about it I suppose.
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    Flourishing with a full deck?

    Like swinging a bunch of bats for baseball practice, practice is practice. Whatever makes you learn the motions and help create competence for your manipulation. For performances removing about 3-4 cards helps slim down and makes the deck feel lighter and easier to handle for you. Creates some...
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