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  • If you don't know something about me, why not ask? People ask me questions all the time. Whether or not they like my answers is second to the fact that I do make the time to answer them.

    I'm not all piss and vinegar, but if you go into this expecting me to be the bad guy, then that's all you're going to find. Your mind will filter everything I say through a specific lens to make me look like a whirlwind of douchebaggery. Really, any statement can be interpreted as rude and hostile if you imagine it spoken in the right tone. Try it on these two paragraphs. Imagine two different ways of saying them, one peaceful and the other antagonistic.
    The fact that you found it easier to accuse me of being a liar and fraud than to ask yourself why I react to people this way is rather the root of the problem, isn't it? You're not stupid. But you're not very realistic either. I'm not treating you like an idiot. I'm challenging you to see if your ideas can stand up to scrutiny. That's the point of discussion isn't it?
    You accused me of not doing magic and just being a troll. You were logged in after I posted my response. Either you read my response and just forgot, read it and didn't have the guts to admit your accusation was wrong, or you just didn't read it for whatever reason. The "Tonight I Failed Magic" thread, specifically. Either way, I suggest you set your silly personal vendetta against me aside and realize that disagreeing with you does not make me or anyone else for that matter incompetent.
    You accuse me of not even doing magic. I prove you wrong. You don't have the courage to admit it. If you try to start another fight with me, I will remember this.
    ummmm lol i was going to contact "YOU" anyway? if i wanted to battle. i haven't enjoyed this conversation at all.
    afraid?? lol you act like its a big deal. And yes there is a reason, to improve..... something called practicing???????
    lol why don't you? you're obviously wrong. forget it, this is why i never talk to you anymore. You are have your head stuck up your butt. O.O
    AGAIN, oh my goodness I DID NOT CHALLENGE YOU. And why are you soooooooooooo arrogant? "blah blah blah 20 years hahaha" -_-............come on why?
    i need some time. to practice.........lol six months of dormancy. unless you think that I'll get better than you by practicing ;)
    -_- you said
    "i'm ready whenever you say the word BRA"
    its up there
    "whenever YOU say the word"
    ughhh........and i didn't say THE WORD. I said "as i get back on my feet"
    and so i did not say THE WORD. lol
    Ummmmmm no. U know I'm right cause whatever the heck you just said made noooooooo sense. First of all I left and I'm practicing now.so what you're saying is that you want me to stop practicing.....lol and that would bring me down to my original skill level. Which makes no sense in the first place if this is a battle. The purpose is to 1 up eAch other. And sooooooo you made no sense but JUST SAYING ( cause I don't want u to get any ideas ;)) if I supposedly did stop practicing, then u would also need to strip the last 6 months that YOU have been practicing so ummmmmmmmmmmmm I'm right yeah.
    no.....no...no? if this is a "re-battle" you aren't supposed to battle with the same material. If so, then can I ask you to strip all your work that you have accomplished in the last 6 months??? ummmm.....exactly.
    LOL thats the funniest thing, you won by 2 by the deadline, and then some people started picking me. interesting......wanna battle again then? thats kind of confusing
    yeah ummmmmm it's still a private video... and i checked the message from like eons ago and i don't see any thread. that had the video. just give me the link.
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