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    Saturday Night Contest - Holiday Wheel!

    No reward for today :(
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    Holiday Wheel

    I actually still haven't received my prize claim email :( Should I wait more?
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    Holiday Wheel

    Same for me. Theory11 support said that they're still working on these emails and we will get a prize claim email sometime this week.
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    Holiday Wheel

    The shipping is absolutely free. BTW, won a Cerca Trova pin in the first attempt :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - Falling In Love

    Well, it began almost a year before. While I liked magic and playing cards, I've never thought about trying this. And somewhere in February-March last year me and my friend started learning magic. We've started with simple tricks which involved double lift and so on. Soon I've discovered such...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Eight Years!

    Here's my entry:
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    Saturday Night Contest - Black and White

    Here's my entry. Tried to make kind of a scene from a noir movie.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Show Your Patriotism!

    Here's my entry.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Memorial Day

    Red: 2 of Hearts White: King of Diamonds Blue: Ace of Clubs Or Red: King of Diamonds White and Blue: Jack of Spades
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    Saturday Night Roundtable - Jason England

    What is your favourite deck of playing cads? Was there a person you couldn't impress with any trick?
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