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  1. VagueTheory

    Saturday Night Contest - Resolutions for 2022!

    This past year, I began to finally explore deeper into my magic library. Many of the books I have were on sale (where I bought in hoards!) so I have lots that I haven't even started on yet. Some were books I bought years ago when I was just starting out (2005) after reading online...
  2. VagueTheory

    Saturday Night Contest - Your Favorite Harry Potter!

    My favorite is Prof. Snape. His history with Harry's family and lore with Voldemort was very enthralling.
  3. VagueTheory

    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 turns 14!

    I grew up during the boom of card flourishing, so Dan and Dave was one of my biggest inspirations at the time. I first saw that they were going to be one of the first 11 members of theory11 so obviously, I was intrigued. Through watching the introductory videos of all of the original "founders"...
  4. VagueTheory

    Saturday Night Contest - 4th of July!

    9 of Hearts Jack of Hearts 5 of Clubs Jack of Spades
  5. VagueTheory

    Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Cards!

    Jack of Hearts Nine of Hearts 10 of Clubs 6 of Spades
  6. VagueTheory

    I’m BAD

    " "Success" only comes before "work" in the dictionary. " My parents have "called me out" on a trick plenty of times during my 12 years in magic. Yes, it feels bad, but that's why I practice until I am extremely confident before I perform for any friends and family (people I perform for the...
  7. VagueTheory

    Saturday Night Contest - Which Hand?

    Left Left Left Right Left Right Right
  8. VagueTheory

    Ricky Jay has passed...

    We all thank Ricky for what he has done for the art of magic. He will be dearly missed.
  9. VagueTheory

    Saturday Night Contest - Hudson Card Lotto!

    Card 1: 9 of Hearts Card 2: 10 of Hearts Card 1: 4 of Diamonds Card 2: Jack Of Spades
  10. VagueTheory

    What is the best ACAAN?

    Patrick Redford's "Applesauce" is by far, my absolute favorite. The spectators can shuffle the deck before anything is done.
  11. VagueTheory

    Morgan revolution (or what ever you call it)

    Sorry if this post doesn't contribute to the original intent of this post, but I just want to say that the move looks fantastic.
  12. VagueTheory

    Make a Spreadsheet!

    This is a neat idea. I'll definitely look into it. I often forget an effect that I've already feel comfortable performing and after a performance, will go, "Dang! Why didn't I perform that one?!"
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