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    Ghost Deck

    It doesn't look eerie enough to be called as a Ghost Deck. But I like this deck because it doesn't clump and doesn't need fanning powder.
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    The Thumb Fan

    I wouldn't say fanning an over 240 degrees fan needs a large hand. I would say it's about the technique. :)
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    Hindu Tornado Cut

    You have to email Lonnie Dilan directly. The email is under a thread in Decknique's forum.
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    Fanning Powder?

    Personally I use it and like the feel of the cards after powdering. Like what DaThroat said, "to each his own". You might want to try using it and see if you like it.
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    The Thumb Fan

    You don't need new deck of cards to do a thumb fan. I guess c3rb3rus is right, you can re-watch the fanning section of XB to catch the minor details.
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    Welcome to theory11, card artists!

    Moved to theory11 (me, retardarts under a new username yay)! For some reason I'm quite a website retard. Have to visit more to get used to the new environment. :) Btw, the Bicycle Guardians look really awesome!
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