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The Magician Online is a live, interactive, online experience - in the comfort of your own home. Starring Dan White. As seen by Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, James Corden, Jessica Alba, and President Clinton.

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  1. vanish45

    Chaos by Brad Addams

    Hey Arnon, Unfortunately the chosen card can't be signed but it really is lost in the deck. The spectator can freely place it anywhere they want in the deck and you will catch it every time. Hope this helped! -Brad
  2. vanish45

    Crediting help!

    Yeah, I was kind of going to do that but I didn't want to go in empty handed you know?
  3. vanish45

    Crediting help!

    Ah of course! How could I have forgotten Ray. Thank you
  4. vanish45

    Crediting help!

    Hey everyone, I am in desperate need of some help. I am planning on releasing a switch of mine and I can't for the life of me find any crediting info. Maybe I'm just missing it all but I was wondering if somebody could enlighten me on some previous effects and creators who have done similar...
  5. vanish45

    FOURFIT :: Restoration #1

    I think it looks slightly "off" when it's "restored". I never thought that looked right in a TNR.
  6. vanish45

    Saturday Night Contest - Everyday We're Shufflin'

    top: 4 of hearts bottom: Ace of clubs
  7. vanish45

    Attirance (Idea)

    There is already an effect that is very similar to this. I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty sure the methods are the same as well. The only difference being that yours is a sandwich. I personally love the idea but unfortunately, it's been done before...
  8. vanish45

    Video ThumpNail - TheWire

    Pretty sure it's just a matter of going into the edit trick page and choosing a thumbnail from the several screen shots underneath the video. Hope this helped!
  9. vanish45

    Need a trailer/explanation edited?

    Yes he is, this was a trailer I did before I talked to Dee.
  10. vanish45

    Need a trailer/explanation edited?

    Thanks man!
  11. vanish45

    Saturday Night Contest - Let's Get Techno-Logic!

    Don't know if this counts but here is my entry!
  12. vanish45

    Saturday Night Contest - Let's Get Techno-Logic!

    Can we use something that we have brought out into the community already? (ie. The Wire)
  13. vanish45

    Need a trailer/explanation edited?

    Yes, here is one I did for another trick of mine (not trying to advertise) And I also can do some 3D work (This was an intro for a YouTube friend)
  14. vanish45

    Not fit for the Wire :(

    Amen to that, haha
  15. vanish45

    Saturday Night Contest - Michael's Secret Vacation

    Columbus, Ohio OH-IO!!!
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