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  • sorry to bother you, but do you know how long it normally takes a video to get uplaoded on the site?? i uploaded one about two days ago and its not up yet
    Oh I hear ya. You were by far not the most vocal in that bunch. And I acknowledge that you weren't nonconstructive in your comments, Props to that. That does indeed sound painful!
    Then give me a good reason why I should stay. And do you think everything is lame and tired? Seems that way.
    I'm staying to post a few reviews.
    I'm leaving because of magicians who think they're better than everyone else. I don't need to prove myself to them. Or to you.
    Haha, I was not being serious. You shouldn't learn another language for my sake.

    You should just know that it is damn hard to argue in another language, in which I don't know any of the 'clever' words needed to argue something like religion.

    So what I meant was that you should try to argue in another language than your own - it's not very easy you know..

    And also, you write like freaking SH*T.

    What is the deal with NO spaces between "," and "text"?! It is extremely annoying, and you should have paid some more attention in the 2nd grade.
    Yeah well sorry man, but english is not my native language. I am from Denmark, dip****.

    How about you learn danish and we can talk religion?

    It's damn hard for me to argue in a different language, ecspecially when you write all these crazy words I am not familiar with.. And also, because you are a douchebag of course.

    I am quite sorry I can't get some better arguments through, but I guess you are just have to realise that there is no god on your own.

    Happy new years!
    I'm sorry but I am not very good at english, so most of all your jibber-jabber I didn't get anything out of.

    You can't give me any proof that there is a god. Therefor, I am an atheist.
    Contact me when you have evidence that there is a god, and as theamazingatheist on youtube, I will seize to be a ****ing atheist.. It is THAT GOD DAMN SIMPLE you piece of ignorant ****..
    Hey man, I noticed you've rooted for my material in the past and I just wanted to drop a thanks :)
    Take it easy dude.

    "Spiritual" or "religious" - this is a magic forum, and should be treated as such. ;) That said, I did kind of instigate the whole thing with my original response to the thread. No worries.
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